How Hip-Hop Artist Trust’N Is Building an Entertainment Empire While Being A Full Time College Student


For most people, December is one of the busiest months of the year. Besides the stress of the holidays, this time of year is also very hectic for many college students who are spending hours preparing for their final exams. While most students would be overwhelmed just by their exams alone, that is not the case for Christian Anderson. Christian Anderson, better known as the artist Trust’N (The Lost Boy), is very much unlike your normal college student. Despite taking on a full-time schedule of 15 credits in school, he is also a full-time recording artist, on the board of directors for a record label, and most impressively a CEO. 

Trust’N’s career in the music industry took off after releasing a chart-topping project titled “Lapse”. The 6 song EP climbed to #12 on the iTunes Hip/Hop Rap charts, amassed over 2 million streams across all platforms, and gave Trust’N a spotlight on many major media outlets. What was most impressive about the release was the fact that Trust’N made the promotion and marketing happen all by himself. No label, no manager, just pure genius. The success of his music inspired him to help others achieve the same goals.


In early October of this year Trust’N announced the launch of Lost Boy Entertainment Company along with three other co-founders Bryce Vander Sanden, Abe Alberts, and Aaron Smith. The company is founded on the idea that not all artists need a label to succeed. Lost Boy Entertainment Company currently provides public relations, marketing, and promotional services to musicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities, and businesses around the world. While very much still in the building stages, the company has served over 100 customers and has established an impressive clientele base. Most of that success can be attributed to the genius behind it all, Trust’N. Even he hasn’t fully absorbed the magnitude of what is happening. He said, “At this time last year I was in a really tough place. I was heartbroken, hurt, depressed, and overall just not happy at all. It’s crazy that a year later God’s completely transformed everything one hundred and eighty degrees. To see so many people listening and supporting my music while also having the chance to help others pursue their dreams as well. That’s truly a dream come true for me. I never thought my side hustle could turn into my career.”


And that is exactly what has happened for the 21-year-old Wisconsin native. While most college students spend their time chilling, partying, or studying, Trust’N is on business calls. Despite the fact that there is a lot of free time in a college student’s life, going to school full time and running a business does bring its challenges. When asked about the challenges of being a student entrepreneur Trust’N said, “Being a musician and running this company can be really distracting as a student. My phone is always ringing in class and I catch myself texting clients or writing songs instead of focusing on my homework. But this company is more important to me than my education. I take it that seriously. But don’t tell that to my mom.”


Although being an artist brings a lot of meaning into his life, Trust’N has recently been more focused on the business aspect of the music industry. However, this doesn’t mean bad news for his fans because he plans to run the business and continue to make music at the same time. He said, “Music has always been such a big part of my life, but lately I have found a lot of joy in helping others achieve success. There is nothing like an artist freaking out because they hit a million streams, or because they got posted on a major blog. And the fact that I can be the reason behind all of that. There’s nothing I would rather be doing. Well, maybe recording music.” For Trust’N, the grind continues.

While continuing his education in pursuit of a degree in marketing at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse, Trust’N has plans for next year which include releasing an album, signing artists, and continuing to build his business and fan base off of pure hustle. With the help of his team, we expect the golden boy and his company Lost Boy Entertainment to continue to be a pioneer in the music industry. 


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