“You hire me and I will do it for you,” says social media influencer and Instagram expert Ryan Sprance


Losing a high-paid corporate job at the age of 44 is a body-blow in anybody’s books. Whereas many people would struggle to bounce back from such a cruel knock, Ryan Sprance took it in his stride and saw it as an opportunity to do what he really wanted in life. 

That something was giving more time to his lifestyle magazine – The Stylish Man, and starting his own digital marketing agency – Kaihatsu Media. Today Sprance is well known as a social media influencer and Instagram expert who has been head-hunted by the likes of Forbes for his social media expertise, but the road between then and now was not an easy one to travel. 

Despite having no college education, the man from Queens, New York believed in the ethos of working hard and eventually secured a job as manager of the world’s biggest Apple store in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. Yet being responsible for a workforce of 350 and generating over $250 million in sales wasn’t enough for Sprance. He longed for something which would channel his creative juices. Something a little different from the corporate 9-5. He found it in his blossoming love for digital media, and in particular the app Flipboard.

In 2013 Sprance used Flipboard to create his magazine The Stylish Man. What started out as a side hustle soon took on a life of its own. Through the popular magazine, Sprance cultivated millions of social engagements, and The Stylish Man was soon clocking in over 52 million views.

Through his Stylish Man Instagram account, Sprance became a highly-sought influencer in the men’s lifestyle space. In 2016 Kaihatsu Media was born and Sprance began to take on paid projects as an influencer. 

Two years later and it was make or break time. The company Sprance worked for learned about his side-hustle and showed him the door. In retrospect, it was a career-defining moment. He threw himself full-time into making Kaihatsu Media a force to be reckoned with. The all or nothing roll of the dice paid off. From tiny acorns, mighty oaks are born, and Sprance’s digital media agency grew from a turnover of $1000 a month in April 2018 to be on track for $1 million in sales in 2019. As the silver lining goes, it’s quite impressive.

Not one to rest on his laurels Sprance has since been recruited by Forbes for his experience in digital marketing and has created a new agency named Awestruck which focuses on the travel, tourism, and entertainment space. 

Sprance credits his continued success to falling in love with social media platforms way back when. In the early days, he worked around the clock posting content and gauging the response of each platform. He has since exploited that knowledge and become the go-to man for brands wishing to create a significant social media following. He used to teach people the basics of his art but eventually learned it was better if he explained, “If you hire me, I will do it for you.” We think you’ll agree, the results pretty much speak for themselves. 







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