The History of World Renowned Fabrejay


Jeffrey Santana (born November 19) known to the world as Fabrejay, is an American producer and DJ entrepreneur.

Fabrejay was born in Hoboken, New Jersey to Dominican parents. While attending grammar school, he became fascinated with the art of DJing. Growing up in the metropolitan area, he was exposed to multiple cultures, which would introduce him to many different styles and genres of music. This has allowed him to connect with a broad audience as an open format disc jockey.

His love for music developed at a youthful age. He DJ’d his first nightclub at the age of 14, and promoted his first event at 15 years old.

Early in his career, he gained attention, by making a mark in the mixtape circuit. Pre streaming age, Mixtapes were a source of exclusive content and go to for music lovers. This would later land him a meeting at the age of 18 years old with Roc-A-Fella Records co-founders Damon “Dame” Dash and Kareem “Biggs”Burke where an interest in collaborative projects was expressed to help promote Roc-A-Fella Records artists. Establishing a residency at top producer for acts like Madonna, Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston John “Jelly Bean” Benitez’s New York City nightlife landmark “The Coffee Shop” and DJing Industry events for the likes of Diddy at premier New York City clubs like Lot 61 and Chyna club to name a few, Fabrejay was on the rise. In 2006, while spinning at New York City night club (ironically named) 40 he was approached by the programming manager for the digital music network Music Choice DJ Mecca. She expressed her enjoyment of the young Dj’s set by saying “you are killing it! I need you on Music Choice, would you be interested in mixing for us in the Hip Hop Uncensored Channel?” Fabrejay immediately responded “yes of course, I would love to!” She handed him her business card and ask for Fabrejay to touch base with her the following day. Soon after he would become one of Music Choice top favorite DJ.

Subsequently taking a few years off from the DJ world (due to personal reasons) in 2011 he would make his return. He was offered a gig as a DJ at Jay-Z owned, world renowned “The 40/40 Club”. His very first appearance would be at the official concert after party for artist Fabolous at the Atlantic City, NJ location, held early that year. The evening was packed with influencers and A1 celebrities. His performance was impressive and was promptly made resident DJ at the prestigious establishment. In 2012, he was transferred to the New York City location and elevated to official 40/40 club DJ. Fabrejay would later become a celebrity DJ spinning for top acts and influencers across the industry. In September of 2012, Beyonce and Jay-Z hosted a fundraiser at The 40/40 Club for President of The United States Barack Obama, where Fabrejay and celebrity/producer DJ Cassidy both DJ’d the event. Since he has served as a go to for acts and brands  like Rihanna, Kevin Hart, Dj Khaled, NBA, NFL, Willow, Rocnation, Tidal, Puma, to mention a few. In March of 2017, he explored his production side, releasing a single along with latin artist Breykon by the epithet of “Chapas Free”. Pioneering a fusion of Afro Beats with Latin music, the new genre was new and unheard of at the time. Fabrejay continues to deliver! Lately he has formed part of Elliott Wilson’s CRWN live interview series on the streaming service TIDAL. Fabrejay has shown to be a reliable contributor to the music world.

Fabrejay states that a possible project release this year including music of his own and brand collaborations are in the works for this upcoming year. Be on the lookout for the artist as he continues to make noise in the music industry.

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