Holi Rangoli Designs 2020: Latest and Simple Holi Rangoli Designs Images, Photos, Pictures

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Holi Rangoli Designs 2020: Wondering how to beautify your home? We have you covered. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Holi Rangoli Designs 2020 Images, Photos, Pictures: The festival of colours is almost here and what better than making it more colourful with rangoli designs. On Holi -- considered to be one of the oldest festivals -- children step out with water and colours, while adults cook some special dishes. While some only play with dry colours or gulal, others make rangolis at the entrance of their house. It is known as 'kolam' in the south, and 'alpona' in West Bengal. These colourful designs are made using varied elements – from special rangoli powder or ground rice powder to flowers and even diyas on the occasion of Diwali. If you are planning to make one, here are some designs that you can take inspiration from.