Home Alone 2 Trends On Twitter After US President Donald Trump Is Banned From the Micro-Blogging Site

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US President Donald Trump has been very naughty and also has paid the prize for it already. After he enticed his supporters for their attack on the US Capitol Building and his tweets supporting the rioters, his Twitter account was suspended. More of his antics, like taking to many of his alternate accounts and calling Twitter out for banning him, eventually led to the US President being banned from the micro-blogging site forever. Donald Trump Unfazed After Twitter Ban, Says 'Predicted This Would Happen...Won't be Silenced'.

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And this move also led to netizens demanding that Donald Trump's cameo in Home Alone 2 be removed. #HomeAlone2 became one of the top trends on Twitter with users demanding that Trump be removed from the movie, albeit, him having a barely few seconds of screen-space in the film. Donald Trump's Twitter Account Permanently Suspended Over 'Risk of Further Incitement of Violence'.

Check Out the Tweets Below:

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Donald Trump Replaced By Christopher Plummer:

A Peek Into The Future:

A Peek Into The Future:

A Movie Without Donald Trump... Wow:

Quite Possible:

Kevin McCallister's Home Alone 2: Lost in New York sees a young McCulkin's character in a hotel lobby where he bumps into Trump and asks for some directions. And now Trump will be digitally removed and be replaced by Canadian actor Christopher Plummer.