The Home of Beef in Music, Beef Wiki, goes Live for Music Fans to Indulge In


The Home of Beef in Music, Beef Wiki, goes Live for Music Fans to Indulge In

Robin Gunningham

Feb 25, 2020 (The Expresswire) — Beef is an underrated event in music that should occur more often. If you’re not aware, the term ‘Beef’ is a representation of a lyrical showdown between two emcees (or musicians as the case may vary) dating all the way back to 1945. Beef is expressed through attacks in lyrics that could be a single bar on a track or the intent of it entirely. Beef could also be subtle or subliminal, requiring knowledge of the other artist’s intent or image to decipher. So, how could the average music fan indulge in juicy beef?

Introducing Beef Wiki,  a newly launched service that attempts to consolidate all instances of beef to ever occur in music. When you visit Beef Wiki, simply type in the name of your favourite artist and you’ll be presented with all of their released tracks containing beef. Artists including Redman, Pete Rock, Yukmouth, and Desiigner have all gone on video to shoutout the project.

As of today, Beef Wiki estimates to store upwards of 1,000 instances of beef, which continues to grow daily. The oldest record of beef in music is between Woody Guthrie and Irving Berlin in 1945 on the track, “This Land Is Your Land”. While Beef Wiki states the year of 2018 was the most active year of beef with nearly 100 recorded instances. Similarly to some instances of beef, the Beef Wiki project was ignited out of frustration. Hip-Hop head and Beef Wiki founder, Patrick Colucci, began collecting beef early last year as a result of being unable to find a central repository online or otherwise. Thus, being the largest public collection to date.

Beef can be positive for both artists and fans. Like any sport or job, it brings a good level of competition to the musical culture. Beef entices artists to deliver their best while simultaneously boosting record sales. In 2019, Goldman Sachs forecasted music revenue to more than double to about $131 billion by 2030. It would be interesting to know how much of an influence beef has on this projection.

Beef Wiki is currently operational, so navigate over to their service and indulge in your favourite beef. Alternatively, follow Beef Wiki on Instagram for the most up-to-date news on beef in music. If news doesn’t interest you, allow yourself to be entertained by their original content, attempting to illustrate some of the most historical instances of been in music.

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