Honda to Launch Royal Enfield Rivaling New 350cc Motorcycle Today, Likely Called H'Ness

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Honda Motorcycles and Scooter India will launch its highly anticipated 300cc motorcycle in India today as a strong competitor for the Royal Enfield. According to a report, the powerful two-wheeler has been named as H’Ness. This name will be pronounced as ‘Highness’.

In all its promotional posts, the Japanese automaker has been using the term ‘Highness’. The only possible reason for changing the spelling of the name is the fact that the term ‘Highness’ was opposed in the trademark application while ‘H’ness’ was accepted.

One of the social media posts for the promotion of the new bike read, “If it sounds so powerful, you can imagine how it looks. The date for the most majestic arrival of the year has been set. Your Highness is arriving on 30th September 2020, 11:55 am onwards. Stay tuned! #YOURHIGHNESS.”

As of now, there have been no updates regarding the specifications of the upcoming two-wheeler. However, it is worth mentioning that the bike will be sold through Honda Big Wing dealer network. Usually, the bikes that are sold through Honda Big Wing are premium, but this one will be an exception as it is going to be perhaps the most affordable motorcycle sold through the said network.

In November, Honda had mentioned that they aggressively wanted to expand this Big Wing to 75 cities across India. So the H’Ness could be a reason for that.

As far as the design and the make of the Honday H’Ness is concerned one cannot say a lot about it. Reports say that it could possibly be a 350cc bike based on a sound clip that has been made available by the brand.

Till now it is being believed that it will be a motorcycle meant especially for India with top-of-the-line design. People are also divided over whether the bike will be an all-new platform or if it uses a modified version of something like the Honda Rebel 300 that is sold overseas.