This 'Honest' wedding card will make you laugh out loud as it pokes fun at Desi shaadi stereotypes

Madhuri Adnal

New Delhi, Nov 13: Its November!! And with winter comes the shaadi season. Yes, it's that time of the year when you will be receiving at least 2 wedding invitation. However, to spice things up a little, comedian Akshar Pathak made an 'honest' wedding which is bound to leave you in splits! This innovative wedding card has taken the internet by storm as it portrays how people think in the back of their heads while they read a wedding card in India.

Poking fun at the prominent cliches in any North Indian wedding, the spoof invitation captures many aspects of an Indian wedding, from highlighting a family name to extravagant and senseless expenditure.

Akshar, who is a pass out from NIFT Delhi, works with Zomato. He has previously worked with AIB.

In the epic wedding card, Akshar talks about a wedding between "Sharma ji ka ladka" and "Verma ji ki ladki" and takes a jibe at the craze of the wedding hashtags, which in this case is #ShaVerma inferring the food Shawarma.

But the funniest part is towards the end - "No gifts please, give cash only. Hum 18 juicer mixer grinder ka kya karenge." The second page wins with one sentence - "7:00 PM Onwards. Hum Khud 8:30 Aayenge." And the third page makes fun of the maps which are never able to guide the invitees to the right location!

Netizens have been sharing and commenting on the post insanely as it made them laugh hard.

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