Hope I haven’t forgotten acting: Rishi Kapoor returning home after 11 months of treatment

Rishi Kapoor last September went to New York to receive medical treatment for Cancer and now that the actor is in recovery, he is ready to head back home and is itching to work again. In an interview with Hindustan Times, Rishi talked about coming home, missing work and the city. He also revealed this is the longest break he has taken in 45 years of work and hopes hasn't forgotten how to act.

“I miss work more than ever now. I’ve never had such a big break in my life and I’ve been working for 45 years. By the time I get back, it will be 11 months and it has been very long. But in a way I feel very fresh and geared up to do any kind of work. My batteries are all charged and I’m looking forward to facing the camera. I just hope I haven’t forgotten acting. Right now, I don’t know if my work will be welcomed or if people are going to trash me. When I was going through treatment, I had a few blood transfusions. And I told Neetu that I hope with the new blood, I haven’t forgotten acting,” he says, candidly.

Accompanied by wife Neetu, the two were constantly visited by industry friends and family. She shared pictures updating fans about Rishi's health and also posted pictures of their visitors while in New York. During the interview, Rishi confessed he was overwhelmed by all the love, “For the first five months I was barely tweeting because I was in the hospital going through treatment. Only now I am much better and free of cancer. It’s in remission so it’s just a natural process. But I feel indebted to everyone who came to see me. I have no words to express the love, prayers and blessings I’ve had from my fans and friends through messages and various people. I have no words to express my joy.”

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He also thanked his wife for being there like a rock for him, he went on to explain that things would have been different if he got treated back home, he said, “One does not expect all this but you have to go through the process. You can’t just be mourning and not doing anything about it. You have to take charge of life and get things in control and deal with it. A lot of credit goes to my wife Neetu who has been there as rock all through my medical wants and procedures. It’s been very time consuming. It would have been a different scenario if I was in India. My home is there, my family is there. But it’s a tough situation because you’re not home, you are in a different territory. But it has been dealt with. Not that we couldn’t have dealt with it in India but I had a certain problem that could only be dealt with here”.

Rishi Kapoor was last seen in the Netflix film, Rajma Chawal which released after he had left for the treatment.