'This is Hope': Indians Take to Twitter to Show Off Their Diyas For #9pm9minutes Solidarity

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As the clock struck 9 pm, lakhs of families across India heeded to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call and lit candles, diyas and flashlights for nine minutes.

In his latest address to the nation on Friday morning, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had appealed all the citizens to show solidarity to end the "darkness" of the coronavirus pandemic.

The Covid-19 pandemic has so far claimed 83 lives and infected more than 3,500 people.

In a video message PM Modi had said everyone must switch off lights at 9 pm on Sunday for 9 minutes and light up lamps, candles, mobile flashlights to display the nation's collective spirit to fight Covid-19.

Following Modi's appeal, citizens came out to illuminate their balconies and exhibited the "collective resolve" to defeat the contagion.

Taking to Twitter, netizens expressed their 'unity' against these otherwise 'dark' times.

We stand together !!

We stand strong !!

We stand with our PM Modi ji !!#9बजे9मिनट pic.twitter.com/Y1MSOy2JR4

— нαяιηαтн яє∂∂у ᴬᴬ (@harry_reddys) April 5, 2020


India is going to win this fight.@narendramodi#9बजे9मिनट pic.twitter.com/4Uq9jqQ6Sw

— Chota Tarek Fatah (@Abhi_Rohila) April 5, 2020

Even if the wind blows, we are not gonna let this flame go out. Because this is hope. And we won't let it dim!#9बजे9मिनट pic.twitter.com/saWtTpNati

— Athar Javed (@DhinchikTaak) April 5, 2020

Earlier thoday the prime minister took to the social media to remind people to follow the appeal through a '#9pm9minute' tweet.


— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) April 5, 2020