Hope to Make a Positive Difference: CBFC Chairperson Prasoon Joshi

The appointment  of Prasoon Joshi as the new chairperson  of the Central Board  Of Film Certification (CBFC) has come as  no  surprise to  informed sources in the Ministry  Of  Information & Broadcasting.

A source Prasoon Joshi was  a front-runner for the post. They wanted someone young, vibrant, contemporary and liberal in thought and of an intellectual bent of mind, though not overly intellectualised in his approach to  Hindi cinema. Prasoon fitted the bill. Names  like Prakash Jha, MadhurBhandarkar and Dr Chandraprakash Diwedi, which were leaked into press as potential replacements for Pahlaj Nihalani, were  not even considered. Prasoon Joshi, CBFC chairperson Bearing responsibility and do my best has been my endeavour. I have believed that right and responsibilities are better served with constructive contribution. One hopes to make a positive difference with the guidance and support of respected minds. Good intent is the best beginning.

Meanwhile, Pahlaj Nihalani has already left his CBFC duties on Friday afternoon, though he has  received no official letter informing him of his ouster.

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