Horoscope March 4: Virgo Will Lead the Way; See What’s in Store for Others

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Aries: You will feel that things are favourable for you when it comes to love and romance. Remember that you should communicate your needs to your partner.

Taurus: If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, there are some small compromises that you will need to make. Take the lead and offer to be generous in order to save your bond.

Gemini: In an effort to hold on to someone, you might push the person away. While you should try to support your loved one, it is important to give them the freedom to be their own person.

Cancer: Matters of the heart will only be resolved when you and your partner are honest to each other. Discuss the issues in your relationship with your loved one to find a solution.

Leo: You have to be a little flexible with your partner. Don’t expect them to live their life as per your wish. Let them be free otherwise, chances are that you will adversely affect your relationship.

Virgo: People are expecting you to lead the way and you would also like doing it on March 4. Show others the way forward and don’t doubt your ability because of others.

Libra: It is time that you start expressing how the behaviour of others makes you feel. You will be confronting a romantic partner and might also end your relationship.

Scorpio: It is likely that you will try to create a situation that will make your partner feel powerless. Taking advantage of other people might backfire.

Sagittarius: When it comes to your romantic relationship, try to focus on one day at a time. The priorities of your partner are likely to be different on March 4.

Capricorn: Don’t take any decision that you might regret later. You are still oscillating between two different options and choosing any at this point might frustrate you later.

Aquarius: It is essential for you to find a balance between your desire to explore and the need to stay grounded. You might make a rash decision if you don’t find the balance.

Pisces: Before you start making long term plans with your partner, figure out what is the thing that you need. It is best to delay any important decision because right now, you are feeling indecisive.