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Venus Australis

Action planet Mars travels through Gemini this week, increasing our ability to communicate our intentions. Work on your follow-through with the help of Sunday’s waxing moon in Taurus until Monday at 9.28am BST. Structuring your thoughts before you express them will be helpful on Sunday when chatty Mercury sextiles strict Saturn. Use the combination of this energy to get your ideas onto paper before presenting them to your intended audience. The moon waxes in Gemini on Monday evening at 10.15pm BST until Wednesday at 6.26pm BST, enhancing our connections with friends, coworkers and loved ones.

Lighten up your outlook on Wednesday when charming Venus conjuncts intuitive Neptune. It’s a romantic day for you to explore the possibility with your partner. If you’re single and seeing someone new, it may be difficult to get serious. Make time to count your lucky stars on Wednesday when Jupiter goes retrograde in Sagittarius. The planet of hope will be moving in reverse, but his path will help you to give thanks for the opportunities that have come before you in the past. Work on actualising those gifts to help you grow when Jupiter moves direct on 11th August. Watch out for rigid behaviour on Wednesday when the sun squares stern Saturn. It might feel like you can’t move forward, so take a moment to pause. The planet of rules and regulations is at odds with our collective need for action. Be patient — we’ve got plenty of Aries season left to fuel our fires.

The moon waxes in sensitive Cancer on Thursday morning at 4.31am BST through to Saturday morning at 12.32am BST. She goes void-of-course until 8.50am BST on Saturday morning. We’ll collectively seek the spotlight this weekend as the moon waxes in Leo for the rest of the day. Enjoy the company of your friends and loved ones as you entertain each other.

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March 21 to April 19

The gift of the gab comes quickly to you this week, Aries. Mars, your ruling planet, moves through Gemini, giving your words intensity. Meanwhile the sun highlights your confidence as he passes through your first house of self. You’re making traction at home as domestic matters feel more natural to navigate as the moon waxes through Taurus. Work on your master plan on Sunday, when your health and work ruler Mercury sextiles Saturn, Aries' personal planet of career. Use this planetary sync to design better ground rules for your professional life. Look into reaching out to a mentor for advice if you’re interested in levelling up. They may have insight that you would not have otherwise considered. Practise humility on Wednesday, when the sun squares Saturn. If you have a groundbreaking idea, do a little self-editing before presenting it to your peers. The square between your personal planet of creativity and Saturn could have you butting heads over tiny details that can be fixed beforehand. Jupiter, the planet responsible for your travel and expansion zones goes retrograde in his own sign of Sagittarius on Wednesday. Consider the experiences that you’ve gathered this year through travel. How has it changed your perception of the world? Take those thoughts with you as you adjust your definition of success.

Celia Jacobs.

April 20 to May 20

Connecting to your inner self allows you to understand the big picture this week, Taurus. Your domestic ruler, the sun lights up your 12th house of internal growth, helping you to understand the value of vulnerability. Map out travel plans on Sunday, when your financial planet Mercury sextiles your expansion planet Saturn. If you’re not looking to get out of town, try getting out of your own head by signing up for a new class or delving into a new hobby. Your emotions may bubble to the surface early this week as the moon waxes in your sign all of Sunday until Monday at 9.28am BST. Be gentle with yourself and your output — gather strength on Monday while the moon is void-of-course until 10.15pm BST. The sun squares Saturn on Wednesday, causing a disconnect between your work-life balance. Keep cool and work with a solutions-oriented attitude. Jupiter, the planet of abundance goes retrograde on Wednesday, giving you the gift of thankfulness. Connect with your support network and celebrate your friendship by hosting a get-together during the waxing moon in Cancer on Thursday night.


May 21 to June 20

It’s a great week to make financial plans, Gemini. Your money planet, the moon waxes in Taurus on Sunday through to Monday morning at 9.28am BST, bringing you new ideas to be smart with your cash. Call up your family members for financial advice on Sunday, when your ruling planet Mercury sextiles with strategic Saturn. Your nearest and dearest will be able to help you think about your resources in a new way. Pay attention to your emotional spending when the moon waxes in your sign on Monday from 10.15pm BST until Wednesday at 6.26pm BST.

Celebrate love on Wednesday when Jupiter, your relationship ruler goes retrograde. Look back at your romantic connections over the past year, and consider how they’ve helped you grow. If you’re single, you may come into contact with an ex or a missed connection. Be kind and express compassion when this planet moves backward until 11th August. Wednesday also holds a sweet conjunction: Venus and Neptune will be syncing up on Wednesday, creating beauty and attraction at work. The blue planet helps to guide your career, lending you intuition and creativity from your dreams. Invest time in your friendships and connections, as the sun lights up your 11th house this week.

Amber Vittoria.

June 21 to July 22

Building your career is an essential way for you to find value, but don’t let it overcome your self-worth, Cancer. The sun, your personal financial planet is placing his focus on your 10th house this week, helping you to find options that better suit your emotional needs. Pay attention to your heart’s needs on Sunday, as your spiritual ruler Mercury sextiles Saturn, your romantic planet. If you’re single, it’s an ideal day to find yourself, and put your needs in the forefront. If you’re in a relationship, avoid becoming overwhelmed from giving by taking a time out, or asking for what you need. Jupiter, Cancer’s planet of health and work retrogrades in Sagittarius on Wednesday, making your days a little happier. The key to this elusive elation is an awareness of abundance. Be thankful for every little moment as the days get longer and warmer. Venus, your domestic planet conjuncts your personal luck ruler, Neptune on Wednesday. Spend the evening in your sacred place — if you don’t have one, make one. Incorporate some new plants, or hang up those photos that have been collecting dust. You’ll be invigorated by the change. Stay level-headed on Wednesday when the money-minded sun squares with Saturn, your love ruler. If you’re attached, you may find yourself clashing over how to manage money with your partner. Embrace your vulnerability on Thursday morning when the moon waxes in your sign at 4.31am BST. Support yourself until Saturday at 12.32am BST when the moon becomes void of course — you’ve got a big heart, and you’ve got to nurture it.

Ariel Davis.

July 23 to August 22

It takes strength to put yourself out there, Leo. Hold tight. Significant changes are happening, externally and internally while the sun, your ruling planet tours your ninth house of exploration. You’ve got a brilliant new opportunity to better inform your financial decisions on Sunday when your money planet Mercury sextiles Saturn. The communication planet is linking up with your personal ruler of wellbeing to better structure your spending and saving. Pay attention to your intuition and adopt a practical mindset next time you go shopping. Ask yourself a few questions before committing: will this make me happier? What hole am I trying to fill? If it meets a need, go ahead. If it doesn’t, hold on to your cash for the next item that strikes your fancy. Let your mind wander at work on Wednesday when your personal career planet Venus conjuncts dreamy Neptune. You could come across a brilliant idea to help point your work in the direction you want. Success isn’t a straight line, and great ideas come from iteration as much as ideation. Lucky Jupiter begins his retrograde on Wednesday, revealing your innate gifts to yourself. Celebrate them on Saturday morning as the moon waxes in your sign. Everyone else will be competing for attention, but you’re the leader of the pack.

Lynnie Z.

August 23 to September 22

A subtle transformation is taking place this week, Virgo. You’re wrapping up business, settling taxes and organising for the next chapter as the sun lights up your eighth house of rebirth. You’ll be able to get into the organisational zone on Sunday, when your career planet Mercury sextiles Saturn, your personal ruler of pleasure. Prepare yourself for the week by clearing your mind and organising anything that you use for work. Set your inbox to zero, go through your notebooks and revive lost ideas. Jupiter, your domestic planetary ruler, goes retrograde on Wednesday. Consider the lessons that the sun has brought you surrounding self-transformation and thank your community for their influence. Reconnect with colleagues and friends who inspire you. If you’re in a relationship, discussing finances with your partner could bring clarity on Wednesday. Money-minded Venus conjuncts your love planet Neptune, helping you to set goals and save for the future. If you’re unattached, think about how your emotional wellbeing impacts your spending. Create a savings account for a special treat for yourself, and an objective to hit. Wednesday’s energy gets more complicated with the arrival of the sun square to Saturn. Avoid trying to steer the ship, and see where the day takes you. End the week on a high note, when the moon enters playful Leo. Blow off steam at karaoke, have a game night and get out of your comfort zone.

Simone Noronha.

September 23 to October 22

Sunday sparkles for you, Libra. Re-energise yourself with family on the last day of the weekend as Mercury sextiles Saturn, your domestic ruler. The messenger planet acts as your personal planet of good fortune, and his direct motion brings harmony to all of your interactions. The sun helps to prioritise your seventh house of partnerships and long-term relationships this week – both romantic and platonic. The squeaky wheel gets the grease on Wednesday when Venus, Libra’s ruler conjuncts Neptune, your personal planet of wellbeing. It’s hard to help you out if you don’t ask for what you need. Embrace opening up – your strength is a combination of the help that you receive from your community. Keep an eye out for conflict at home on Wednesday, when the sun squares Saturn. The ringed planet rules both home and family and opposes your partnership goals. You’re fair as they come, but the conflict may arise in needing to take a side. Remove emotions from the equation when the moon waxes in Gemini until 6.26pm, and save your strength when the moon is void-of-course until 4.31am the next morning. Consider what you’ve learned from your network on Wednesday when your communication planet, Jupiter goes retrograde. He’s here to help you understand the importance of gratitude. Change your mindset, and change your life while he moves backward until 11th August.

Sarah Mazzeti.

October 23 to November 21

Maintaining your personal health is priority number one this week, Scorpio. You’re coming to the realisation that to create the life you desire, you must be in a sound state of mind and body. The sun, your career ruler illuminates your sixth house, helping you to reprioritise your schedule. Scorpio’s love ruler Venus conjuncts intuitive Neptune, connecting you to your romantic desires. If you’re in a relationship, make time with your partner to renew your attraction. Small gestures work wonders. If you’re single, take a chance on a new face in your dating pool — this conjunction will create a fluffy atmosphere for you to get to know each other. Jupiter, your personal financial planet, goes retrograde on Wednesday in Sagittarius. Reflect on your material blessings, and separate them from your self-worth. This retrograde will help you to remember that you are more than just a cog in the machine. Taking care of your financial needs is an integral part of life, but understanding your spiritual needs is more critical to creating long-lasting self-love. Begin a new journey of discovery and see where it takes you on 11th August when he goes direct.

Kelsey Wrotten.

November 22 to December 21

Infuse joy into everything you do this week, Sagittarius. The sun lends his light to your fifth house, inspiring creativity, pleasure and romance this week. You’re confident in your finances on Sunday when your money planet Saturn sextiles Mercury. The messenger planet rules both romantic and career zones for your sign. If you’re in a relationship, take the opportunity to discuss your goals as an individual and see how they contribute to your partnership. Teamwork makes dreamwork. There’s no place like home on Wednesday. Venus, your personal planet of wellbeing, conjuncts Neptune, your domestic planet. Enjoy your surroundings, tidy your space and try out a DIY home improvement project. Hold off on spending your hard earned cash on non-essential items on the same day when the sun squares budget-minded Saturn. Resisting the urge to indulge could take a little more willpower than usual as the sun just wants to have fun in your fifth house. Your ruling planet Jupiter goes retrograde on Wednesday, encouraging you to reminisce on your favourite experiences. Make a retrograde journal and create beautiful new memories during his backward movement until 11th August.

Kissi Ussuki.

December 22 to January 19

Be proud, Capricorn. You’ve got a handle on your foundation this week as the sun lights up your fourth house. Your health and work ruler Mercury sextiles Saturn on Sunday, enforcing your confidence and appetite for challenge. The ringed planet rules your sign, which reinforces your need for structure. Career ruler Venus conjuncts Neptune, your personal planet of communications, on Wednesday, getting your thoughts across clearly. You’ve got the room’s attention, how do you follow through? Watch for inflexibility on your end on the same day as the sun squares Saturn. Don’t take work home with you midweek, as office conversations could contribute to confusion in your space. Take a moment to yourself on Wednesday when your spiritual ruler Jupiter goes retrograde. Look beyond your physical body and accomplishments, and seek connection with your inner self.

Loveis Wise.

January 20 to February 18

Your mind moves quickly this week, Aquarius. Plucking thoughts from the intangible is a talent enhanced by the sun’s placement in your third house. Chatty Mercury sextiles Saturn, your spiritual ruler on Sunday, helping you to share your inner revelations with clarity. Give thanks for your friendships on Wednesday when lucky Jupiter goes retrograde in your 11th house. Explore the subconscious influences that you receive from your friends. We all change each other. Keep your eyes peeled as Venus, your domestic planet, conjuncts Neptune, Aquarius' personal financial planet, on the same day. This movement creates an opportunity to change up your living space. If you’re looking for a new flat, flatmate or house, you could find something that suits your needs and complements your style. If you feel misunderstood by a loved one on Wednesday, give them time to process your ideas. The sun, your romantic ruler squares spiritual Saturn. Wait for this movement to pass and come back to them after they’ve had a moment to understand where you’re coming from. Time is a great healer.

Hilda Palafox.

February 19 to March 20

You’re in a practical mood, Pisces. The sun, your health and work planet brightens your second house of material possessions, helping you to find stability in your wellbeing. Mercury, your love, home and family ruler sextiles with rule-maker Saturn on Sunday, enforcing positive new behaviours. You’re walking a bit taller on Wednesday when charming Venus conjuncts Neptune, your ruling planet. Gussy yourself up to add even more confidence and otherworldliness to your look. All eyes are on you — Jupiter, your personal planet of career, begins his retrograde on Wednesday. The planet of luck is reflecting your accomplishments onto your network, and people are taking notice. Embrace your power and give credit where credit is due. Celebrate on Saturday when the moon, your personal ruler of creativity waxes this week with a beautiful bang in Leo. You deserve it.

Rachel Jo.

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