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Venus Australis

There’s no better time for disconnecting from the world than on Sunday as the moon wanes in Gemini. Take stock of how you’d like to fill up your spiritual tank. Possibilities are endless as our shiny new moon in Gemini arrives at 6.01am on Monday morning. Pick up a tarot deck and listen to your intuition if you’ve been up against an obstacle — the answers are within you.

Chatty Mercury makes his way into watery Cancer on Tuesday, turning our conversations and thoughts toward creating stability at home and with our families. You may notice yourself feeling a little more sensitive as our communication planet passes through this domestic sign. Let yourself feel what you need to feel, and express honesty with a gentle spirit. The moon waxes in Cancer at 12.16pm on Tuesday, intensifying our inner thoughts and sense of vulnerability. If you’re seeking solitude, retreat to your safe space to process your emotions.

We’ll be ready to shake off our insecurities on Thursday when the moon waxes in bold Leo at 3.15pm. When the moon is in this sign, she helps to strengthen our voices and see the silver lining in every situation. Prepare for a weekend of excitement and entertainment. We’ll share a need for acknowledgment — with this in mind, give your friends and family a little ego boost wherever you can. Charming Venus leaves the sensual sign of Taurus and enters spirited Gemini on Saturday. Our lust for material comforts will fade in favour of mind-expanding opportunities. If you’re single, you’ll only have eyes for people who can hold a thoughtful conversation. Brush up on your icebreakers, delve into subjects you love and finish books that you’ve started. If you’ve got a lot going on this month, make sure to write your dates down in your calendar — we tend to be a bit flakier when Venus is in Gemini. Everything sparkles and it’s easy to get distracted. The moon enters organised Virgo on Saturday afternoon at 5.44pm, inspiring us to get prepared for the week ahead.

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March 21 to April 19

Are you searching for answers, Aries? A little detective work can go a long way as you reveal hidden truths while the sun lights your third house of communication, thought and community this week. If you’re searching for your inner voice, try journalling to get clarity on your thoughts as the moon begins a new cycle in Gemini on Monday morning at 6.01am. Tuck away from the world in your favourite nook, as the moon rules Aries' domestic zones of home and family. Creating a strong foundation will be priority number one on Tuesday, when your health and work planet, Mercury, enters perceptive Cancer. Ground yourself by connecting with loved ones while this speedy planet moves through this watery sign. Let your feelings out and enjoy a guilty pleasure when the moon moves through Cancer from Tuesday until Thursday. You’ll get your moxie back on Thursday afternoon at 3.15pm when the moon enters fellow fire sign, Leo. A spark of fearlessness arrives on Saturday, when Venus, your love and money ruler, enters quick-witted Gemini. You’ll know exactly how to grease the wheels to achieve your financial goals and catch the eye of your crush. In a relationship? Spend time getting to know your partner on a deeper level — there are still tons of things that you can learn about each other.

Celia Jacobs.

April 20 to May 20

The old saying "home is where the heart is" rings especially true for you this week, Taurus. The sun, your domestic ruler, inhabits your second house of finances, values and possessions, inspiring you to elevate your space. Get started by doing a deep clean, from your makeup to your plants. Make a list of the things that you need and want, and create a budget or reward system to bring joy and excitement to your space. As temperatures rise, so do the opportunities to thrift some great boot sale finds. Start a savings account to inspire your future home goals. Even if you’re not looking, it’s a great idea to get ahead in case that perfect spot pops up. Open up to your loved ones about your plans for the future on Tuesday, when Mercury, your financial ruler, makes his way into homey Cancer. You’re ready to dish self-care strategies on Saturday, when sweet Venus sashays into Gemini. The planet of love and beauty rules your health and work zone, helping you to ooze elegance. Looking to amp up your game? Try a budget-friendly trend like Ri-Ri’s lime green nails or Jessica Alba’s chic headband. Stretch your pounds and make the trends work for you.


May 21 to June 20

Feel like you’re living under a microscope, Gemini? Take a deep breath and quiet your mind before you step out into the world. You might be feeling a little self-conscious as the sun illuminates your first house of self, first impressions and appearance this week. Embrace your vulnerability and get comfortable in your own skin. The moon begins a new phase in your sign on Monday at 6.01am, creating a sense of restlessness. Fight frustrations by understanding these emotions as a part of your evolution. You might be interested in experimenting with a sensory deprivation tank, allowing you to connect to your unconscious mind. Talk your way through your emotions on Tuesday, when your planetary ruler Mercury enters sensitive Cancer. Bounce your thoughts off loved ones to get a better perspective of your situation. Grapple your confidence on Thursday when the moon enters courageous Leo.

Amber Vittoria.

June 21 to July 22

Other signs make mastering their emotions look easy, Cancer. However, it’s more critical for you to be true to your nature. If you’re trying to stop yourself from feeling too deeply, think about the reasons why you might want to shield yourself from the world. You’re making some significant internal changes as the sun lights your 12th house of inner growth, vulnerability and conclusion this week — lean into owning those feelings. The moon begins a fresh new cycle in thoughtful Gemini on Monday morning at 6.01am, allowing you to wipe the slate clean. Gather yourself on Tuesday, when Mercury, your personal planet of inner growth, enters your own sign. The moon joins the messenger planet on Tuesday at 12.16pm, further enhancing your intuitive nature. Form your thoughts in private and share your concerns with your loved ones on Saturday, when your domestic ruler Venus enters communicative Gemini.

Ariel Davis.

July 23 to August 22

Summer calendars may fill up quickly, but your friends will gladly carve out time in their schedules if you ask them, Leo. Your 11th house of groups, friendships and goals is highlighted by your ruling planet, the sun, this week. This helps you to draw a crowd on command. Brainstorm some cost-effective summer get-togethers to sweeten the deal. Host an intimate soiree at home while your financial planet Mercury moves through the domestic sign of Cancer. You could be inspired to revamp your space to include more guests and enjoy your solo summer nights. The moon enters your sign at 3.15pm, enhancing your natural charisma. You’ll notice that the rest of the Zodiac is mirroring Leo’s playful attitude as the moon waxes until Saturday at 5.23pm. Something clicks on Saturday, when your career ruler, Venus, moves into communicative Gemini. Whether you’re looking for a new job, looking to reach the next level in your current position, or trying to get an idea off the ground, you’ll be blessed with the gift of gab. Use your quiet time this weekend to investigate your options, and look into some serious research to support the meetings you’ll have in the weeks to come.

Lynnie Z.

August 23 to September 22

What do you see yourself doing in the next five years, Virgo? We never know what surprises are in store, so when you build out your answer, consider your flexible nature. You might be put in the hot seat more than a few times, while the sun lights your 10th house of career, structure and public image this week. Evaluate your work and life balance on Tuesday, when your career planet, Mercury, moves into sensitive Cancer. Your sign has one of the strongest work ethics, but you need to be supported by a solid foundation, namely your home and family. Get feedback on your finances on Saturday, when your personal cash planet Venus swings into Gemini. Trust your intuition as the moon waxes in your sign on Saturday at 5.44pm, sharpening your analytical nature. If you’re working with a partner on a passion project, it may be easier for you to see eye-to-eye as the moon highlights your sign.

Simone Noronha.

September 23 to October 22

Seeking out a little excitement, Libra? Try thinking out-of-the-box while you plan your summer adventures this week as the sun highlights your ninth house of exploration, adventure and belief. Your professional ruler, the moon, starts a fresh new cycle in Gemini on Monday morning, at 6.01am. Take your new attitude to the office, and consider the path that your projects are taking you. Book time with your superiors to get a feel for your career trajectory, and weigh your happiness in the balance. You may be more affected by your emotions than you realise on Tuesday when Mercury, your personal planet of luck and spiritual growth, makes his way into watery Cancer. Be extra kind to yourself while the messenger planet moves through this sensitive sign. You’ll be solving problems and cracking mysteries on Saturday when your planetary ruler Venus moves into fast-thinking Gemini. Look out for lost objects, and only offer your services when asked for.

Sarah Mazzeti.

October 23 to November 21

Nurture your need for renewal this week, Scorpio. Your metamorphosis is just getting underway, as the sun moves through your eighth house of transformation, mystery and dramatic change. You may notice these changes happening at work as you explore your diverse talents and interests. Spend this week deciding which ones you’d like to hone to help you along your path. Meditate on the moon’s new cycle in Gemini on Monday at 6.01am, as your thoughts and speech intensify. Be strategic with your words as communication planet Mercury moves into sensitive Cancer on Tuesday — Scorpios are less affected by the messenger planet, but it doesn’t hurt to be aware of how the rest of the Zodiac feels to gauge timing for your plans. Venus, your love ruler, enters witty Gemini on Saturday, making your heart and thoughts flutter. The best way to entice your partner during this movement is with intellectual stimulation. Prepare for an outdoor movie, play or concert to enjoy the romantic warm weather.

Kelsey Wrotten.

November 22 to December 21

Got a special someone on your mind, Sagittarius? If you’ve meant to reach out to collaborate with a peer who inspires you, don’t waste time – invite them to connect while the sun highlights your seventh house of partnerships, contracts and business. Bring a few ideas to the table and pitch them your plan to become a dream team. Offer to host a casual get-together at home on Tuesday, when your career ruler Mercury moves into hospitable Cancer. The messenger’s presence in this sensitive house also improves your romantic sensibilities, as he rules your love zone. In a relationship? You’ll find more interest in creating memorable evenings at home instead of hitting the town. Starting Saturday, you begin to draw people into your social circle with ease. Venus, your personal planet of wellbeing, enters chatty Gemini and offers a more conversational boost in your daily interactions.

Kissi Ussuki.

December 22 to January 19

Clean living is your priority this week, Capricorn. Your sixth house of health, order and service is powered by the sun this week, helping you to glow from within. You’re attracting all kinds of attention as your love ruler, the moon begins a new cycle in communicative Gemini. Single Capricorns should spend some time apart from external influences to get a feel for their needs and desires, prior to the new moon’s start on Monday morning at 6.01am. In a relationship? Consider your communication style with your partner and how you’d like to open up. Mercury, your personal planet of health and work, makes his way into perceptive Cancer, helping you to fine-tune your daily schedule. Write your routine down and take a look at what you can add to take better care of yourself. Keep a pen handy if inspiration strikes on Saturday, as your personal career planet Venus moves into quick-thinking Gemini.

Loveis Wise.

January 20 to February 18

Nothing can hold you back when you’re inspired, Aquarius. The sun, your personal planet of love lights up your fifth house of creativity, pleasure and romance this week, giving you a delightfully infectious attitude. Spread your ideas and enthusiasm with friends and colleagues on Monday as the moon begins a new phase in Gemini at 6.01am. Pick up workout pointers here and there as the moon is responsible for Water Bearer’s health and work zones. Practise increasing your stamina or add a simple new routine to the start of your day to help clear your mind. On Saturday, connect with your loved ones as Venus, your personal planet of home and family, makes her way into thoughtful Gemini.

Hilda Palafox.

February 19 to March 20

Take a trip down memory lane this week, Pisces. Feelings of nostalgia are especially hard to resist when your fourth house of family, instincts and foundations is highlighted by your health and work ruler, the sun. Channel your inner Martha Stewart and experiment with old family recipes. Reach out to your loved ones to relive the smells and tastes of your childhood. You could start some new traditions as the Moon, your creative ruler, waxes in inventive Gemini. Reflect on your personal goals before Monday’s new moon at 6.01am. Looking to attract love? Make your space welcoming and warm on Tuesday, when your love ruler Mercury speeds into sensitive Cancer. Attached Pisces will enjoy cuddling up in this intimate atmosphere. The messenger planet also rules your home and family zones, intensifying a sense of stability.

Rachel Jo.

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