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Venus Australis

We're in the mood to stir things up on Sunday, when anxious Mars squares structured Saturn. While it feels tempting to rebel against authority, our energy is better spent in preparation. Focus on strengthening your adaptability on Sunday, when a New Moon in mysterious Scorpio arrives, opposing imaginative Uranus. Be on the lookout for erratic behaviour in others, and nothing will surprise you. Feel like you're afraid of what's around the corner? Shake off your cosmic dread by confronting change on Monday, when the Sun opposes unpredictable Uranus. It's easy to doubt yourself, as these planets work against each other — remember to have faith. A lucky transit arrives on Wednesday, helping you to strengthen bonds. Reach out to others and show your love while chatty Mercury conjuncts sensitive Venus. It's a beautiful day to make new friendships, right before the messenger planet moves in reverse. Adopt a patient attitude starting Thursday when communication ruler Mercury enters his second retrograde of the year. His will move in reverse through Scorpio, asking us to be extra careful with our actions and words. Sensual Venus enters Sagittarius starting Friday, encouraging us to be more flexible in our approach to love, aesthetics, and material goods. Is it time that you changed-up your look? Be adventurous with autumn fashion during this spicy transit.

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March 21 to April 19

Choose your words carefully this week, Aries. You could feel hot-headed on Sunday, when ruling Mars squares against your career ruler, Saturn. This transit can create rifts with authority figures, making it a smart idea to play by the rules. Instead of sulking, spend your time wisely to plan your next move. Invite your loved ones to join your wellness rituals on Wednesday when your health ruler Mercury conjuncts romantic Venus. Invest time enriching your physical being by taking care of your sleep schedule, so that you can prepare for Mercury's second retrograde of the year. The messenger planet begins his backward motion on Thursday in sensual Scorpio, encouraging us to slow down our thoughts and routines. Be conscious of your thoughts and actions while the Messenger planet moves in reverse. You have the opportunity to correct behaviours that no longer serve you. Loosen up a little starting Friday, when your romantic and financial ruler Venus enters bold Sagittarius. It's time to seek out a more adventurous perspective. CELIA JACOBS.
April 20 to May 20

Take a moment to retreat and reflect, Taurus. You require some alone time to think about inner growth on Sunday when spiritual Mars squares Saturn, your education ruler. This isn't a good day to mince words, especially with people who hold power — pick your battles carefully. Your patience could be tested on Monday when the Sun opposes professional Uranus. You may need to manage friction between your personal and professional lives, so try to take the high road as these heavenly bodies clash against each other. Are you thinking about investing in your future? Conversations around cash on Wednesday could have fruitful results when money-minded Mercury conjuncts ruling Venus. Spend wisely starting Thursday, when your financial ruler Mercury goes retrograde. This is a transit best spend protecting your assets — get into the groove by making budgeting excitingCACHETEJACK.
May 21 to June 20

Contemplate your options, Gemini. You've got a chance to make an exciting new start on Sunday when the Moon begins a new cycle in strategic Scorpio. Your financial ruler opposes enigmatic Uranus on Sunday, creating an impulsive atmosphere. Pay attention to the fine print, and protect yourself during this tumultuous transit. Ruling Mercury conjuncts sweet Venus on Wednesday, offering you a chance to make a striking first impression, or reconnect with a friend. Mercury begins his second retrograde of the year on Thursday, encouraging you to recharge your emotional batteries in your safe space. Be gentle with loved ones and move slowly during this retrograde, as the messenger planet rules your domestic zone. AMBER VITTORIA.
June 21 to July 22

Have you been burying yourself in work lately, Cancer? It may be time for you to re-invest in your relationships on Sunday when career-ruling Mars squares against romantic Saturn. Weigh your personal and professional aspirations against each other as these planets clash. It may be time for you to make a decision that allows you to avoid burning out. Pay attention to your emotions as the ruling Moon begins a new cycle in Scorpio on Sunday. This transit opposes chaotic Uranus, causing those around you to make hasty decisions. Recentre yourself at home on Wednesday when spiritual Mercury conjuncts domestic Venus. It's a wonderful chance to get back on track if you feel like you're spinning your wheels. Pay close attention to how your inner self is feeling starting Thursday when Mercury goes retrograde. You may need more time alone to adjust to the energy of this transit. 
July 23 to August 22

Stay on your toes, Leo. Anything could happen on Monday when the ruling Sun opposes chaotic Uranus. Pay special attention to how you react to others while these heavenly bodies oppose each other — your flexibility is being tested. Be honest about your expectations and your worth on Wednesday, when money-minded Mars conjuncts your career ruler Venus. This is a wonderful opportunity to begin healthy financial habits before Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday. Mercury slows your actions in regards to cash and asks you to be more thoughtful about your resources as he moves through calculated Scorpio. Professional Venus enters adventurous Sagittarius on Friday, encouraging you to look outward and soak up new experiences. If you've been looking for more excitement in your work, this transit will give you the chance to expand your possibilities. LYNNIE Z.
August 23 to September 22

How do you handle power struggles, Virgo? If you're in a relationship, you may have some disagreements with your partner on Sunday, as sexual Mars squares pleasure-seeking Saturn. Open up a conversation with your partner and listen to their needs and desires. Schedules may get shuffled on Monday when the Sun opposes wellness-ruling Uranus. Now is the time to tap into your adaptable nature — make sure that you're observing the changes that come. Ruling Mercury conjuncts material Venus on Wednesday, helping you to ask for what you need from others. Mercury also rules your career sector, making this a great day to celebrate your accomplishments. The messenger planet moves retrograde on Thursday, encouraging you to spend time healing so that you can prepare for your next big move. Money-minded Venus enters courageous Sagittarius on Friday, inspiring you to invest in new experiences.

September 23 to October 22

Have you been avoiding conflict, Libra? Big feelings bubble up on Sunday when your love ruler Mars squares against domestic Saturn. Be confident in your feelings and voice your concerns clearly as you work to find a solution with loved ones. The Moon, your career ruler, begins an exciting new cycle in Scorpio on Sunday at 11:38 p.m. EST. You may feel anxious to get started on the next leg of your career journey, as the Moon opposes chaotic Uranus. Keep your composure and channel this energy into your work this week. It's easy to tap into your intuition on Wednesday when spiritual Mercury conjuncts ruling Venus. Open up to friends and loved ones while these planets complement each other. Make time to nurture your growth starting Thursday, when Mercury begins his second retrograde of the year. You've got a little extra pep in your step on Friday when ruling Venus makes her way into bold Sagittarius. You're fearless! SARAH MAZZETI.
October 23 to November 21

Need some alone time, Scorpio? Your rebellious nature may betray you on Sunday when wellness-ruling Mars squares against taskmaster Saturn. Stay out of trouble by knowing your limits — it's okay to take a break from others for the good of your health. You may feel a need for intense change on Sunday, when a new Moon cycle begins in Scorpio opposing your domestic ruler Uranus. Understand the steps that are required to get where you want to go, and write your plans down to combat this restless energy. Confront your problems head-first on Monday as the Sun, your career ruler, opposes home-ruling Uranus. If you're in a relationship, spend quality time with your partner on Wednesday, when chatty Mercury conjuncts romantic Venus. Single Scorpios will find that it's easier to express their feelings more freely as these planets move together. If you've been looking for a little added courage in the love department, you'll be blessed with a fearless new attitude on Friday as love-ruling Venus enters Sagittarius. Make time for people who encourage your personal growth. KELSEY WROTTEN.
November 22 to December 21

Are you feeling a little conflicted about cash, Sagittarius? You may want to resist advice from authority figures on Sunday when fiery Mars squares against financial-minded Saturn. Instead of going against the grain, take a moment to be still and weigh your options. You could come across a time-saving trick on Wednesday when professional Mercury conjuncts wellness-ruling Venus. It pays to open your mind and really listen to others, especially before Mercury goes retrograde on Thursday. The messenger planet is entering his second retrograde of the year in strategic Scorpio, helping you to be more cognizant of your career moves. Venus, your health and work ruler enters Sagittarius on Friday, encouraging you to be more adventurous with your routines. Go ahead — change things up. KISSI USSUKI.
December 22 to January 19

How important is it for you to be in control, Capricorn? You could find yourself fighting for power at home on Sunday when domestic Mars squares against ruling Saturn. Instead of making yourself rigid in your ways, allow yourself to release your grasp in exchange for peace. If you're in a relationship, you could have a spirited conversation about spending with your partner on Sunday. Your love ruler, the Moon, starts a new cycle in Scorpio, in opposition to money-minded Uranus. If you're single, this phase could stir up feelings of urgency to act. Take a deep breath and write down your options before you jump in. Have a conversation about prioritising your well-being at work on Wednesday, when wellness-minded Mercury conjuncts professional Venus. Mercury goes retrograde starting Thursday, asking you to slow down and decrease your output. The messenger planet is asking you to take it easy until November 20, when he goes direct. Allow your mind to wander and explore creative new options during this time, as Venus moves through gutsy Sagittarius. LOVEIS WISE.
January 20 to February 18

Feeling a little thrown off your game, Aquarius? Fiery Mars squares spiritual Saturn on Sunday causing ripples of confusion in your path towards inner growth. You may feel as though your word is being questioned — press pause before reacting to anyone who provokes you. 
You're inspired to make a dramatic change to your routines on Sunday when a new cycle in Scorpio begins at 11:38 p.m., opposing chaotic Uranus. The Sun, your love ruler, opposes nervous Uranus on Monday adding tension to your relationships. Find clarity in knowing that other people's opinions of you are none of your business. Remind yourself of your worth and move forward with confidence. You could be craving a little stimulation starting Friday when domestic Venus enters intelligent Sagittarius. Take time to carve out a reading area, or create a space that enriches your mind. HILDA PALAFOX.
February 19 to March 20

Do you need a new set of money-rules, Pisces? Your financial planet Mars squares against taskmaster Saturn on Sunday, creating tension between your cash and your self-control. Start small as you work to find harmony between your desires and needs. Your creative ruler, the Moon, begins a new cycle in Scorpio on Sunday at 11:38 p.m., opposing innovative Uranus. This restless energy could lead you to an exciting new idea or burn you out. Take care of your body before you go ahead with any significant commitments. Mercury, your domestic and romantic ruler, goes retrograde on Friday, influencing you to quiet and restore your energy. Work to accept a mentality of stillness until November 20 when the messenger planet moves direct. RACHEL JO.

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