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Venus Australis

It could be easy to get lost in your fantasies on Sunday, when the sun squares against Neptune, the planet of illusions. Use this transit’s energy to explore your creative side — make something that brings you joy or sing and dance! You don’t have to be the best, you just need to experience something new. Get together with friends on Sunday, as social Venus sextiles Neptune. This is a beautiful transit for encouraging each other to step out of our comfort zones. We’re feeling more focused on our financial goals on Wednesday when material Venus conjuncts with responsible Saturn. It’s a day that brings a sense of detachment along with it, so make time to work through your emotions in private. The moon waxes full in thoughtful Gemini on Thursday, encouraging us to pay attention to issues that may have been previously swept under the rug. Work to find solutions and act quickly to restore harmony in your life. A wave of otherworldly sensuality washes over us on Friday as fiery Mars trines with dreamy Neptune. If you’ve been building up the courage to make the first move or deepen your relationship, this transit will help you to build your courage. Invest in your spiritual growth during this transit — centre yourself as these planets complement each other. Charming Venus conjuncts powerful Pluto on Friday, further intensifying our emotions. Prioritise finding self-love over seeking approval from others. Don’t allow yourself to get jealous of friends, or become overly possessive during this transit.
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March 21 to April 19

Are you feeling at odds with yourself, Aries? The sun, your entertainment ruler, squares against spiritual Neptune on Sunday, causing a rift between your pursuit of pleasure and your need for internal growth. Find a happy medium that allows you to bend the rules. Love and money-ruling Venus sextiles with thoughtful Neptune on Sunday, helping you to embrace a new perspective in regards to your relationships and sense of value — try to go with the flow. Decide what you need at work on Wednesday when material Venus conjuncts with career-ruling Saturn. This transit will remove your emotions from the equation, allowing you to weigh your options. Bet on yourself on Friday, as ruling Mars trines spiritual Neptune. It’s easier for you to trust the timing of your life during this favourable transit. 
April 20 to May 20

It’s time for you to prioritise your needs, Taurus. You may need a bit of quality time alone on Sunday as the domestic sun squares against dreamy Neptune. Relearn how to like yourself as ruling Venus sextiles with Neptune on Sunday, helping you to raise your self-esteem. Invest time in creating a self-care schedule on Wednesday when Venus conjuncts with intelligent Saturn. You’re feeling particularly fearless on Friday, as inner growth-ruling Mars trines with imaginative Neptune. Speak your mind as these planets complement each other. Reconnect with your loved ones on Friday as ruling Venus conjuncts romantic Pluto. It’s easier for you to understand the importance of partners and friends during this transit — make your feelings known. 
May 21 to June 20

You’ve got the opportunity to reflect on your career path, Gemini. Observe your choices from a different perspective on Sunday when the sun squares against professional Neptune. You’re able to be more objective about your goals as material Venus sextiles ambitious Neptune on Sunday. Is it time for you to move in a different direction? The money-ruling moon waxes full in Gemini on Thursday, exposing you to some hard truths. Take time to make positive steps that help you be proactive in your financial future. Fiery Mars trines with creative Neptune on Friday, inspiring you to get your hands dirty — don’t be afraid to fail as these planets complement each other. 
June 21 to July 22

Your intuition isn’t invincible, Cancer. Err on the side of caution on Sunday when the money-ruling sun squares against lucky Neptune. Sometimes, you should play it safe. Domestic Venus sextiles with fortunate Neptune on Sunday, creating a happy and comfortable environment at home with family and friends. Cosy up to loved ones as these planets work in harmony. If you’re seeing someone new, you may want to invite them into your space on Wednesday when domestic Venus conjuncts with romantic Saturn. In a relationship? Make time to nest with your partner during this happy transit. You’re bursting with confidence on Friday as career-ruling Mars trines lucky Neptune — channel this energy in positive ways that help you succeed.
July 23 to August 22

Need a break, Leo? You’re not feeling quite as sparkly on Sunday as the ruling sun squares against dreamy Neptune. Regain your natural charisma a little later in the day when status-minded Venus sextiles with imaginative Neptune. You may attract people looking for creative leadership. Set down ground rules for your professional goals on Wednesday when career-ruling Venus conjuncts health-conscious Saturn. Do you need tools to help support your physical being? Do your research and approach the powers that be to find solutions. Make arrangements to prioritise your relationships on Friday when professional Venus conjuncts domestic Pluto. Time is a precious resource — how are you spending it?
August 23 to September 22

Consider looking outside of yourself, Virgo. If you’re in a relationship, you may be feeling misunderstood by your partner on Sunday when the sun squares against romantic Neptune. Single Virgos should work to remove themselves from their egos as these heavenly bodies square against each other. Does your winter wardrobe require an upgrade? Spend a little cash on something sensible on Wednesday as money-minded Venus conjuncts with pleasure-seeking Saturn. Single or attached, you’ll be in the mood for romance on Friday as sensual Mars trines with love-ruling Neptune. Spend the day re-centring your thoughts, and seek to create meaningful connections with those you love.  
September 23 to October 22

When was the last time you checked in on yourself, Libra? You spend so much time taking care of others, it’s possible that you forget about maintaining your happiness. Balance your scales by taking a little time back on Sunday as ruling Venus sextiles with wellness-minded Neptune. Carve out some time to elevate your space on Wednesday when ruling Venus conjuncts with domestic Saturn. It’s an ideal time to create a safe haven for the winter. If you’re in a relationship, you may be inclined to discuss healthier lifestyle habits with your partner on Friday, as romantic Mars trines with health-conscious Neptune. Single Libras may notice the importance of prioritising self-love as these planets work together. 
October 23 to November 21

It may be challenging to get your head out of the clouds, Scorpio. Take time to rest on Sunday as the career-ruling sun squares against imaginative Neptune. Refocus your creative energy in your relationships on Sunday while romantic Venus sextiles with dreamy Neptune. This is a beautiful day for exploring new connections or getting a little silly with your partner. You may be interested in defining your relationships on Wednesday when love-ruling Venus conjuncts with practical Saturn. This energy can be restrictive, so try to keep the mood light during this transit. You may be feeling particularly bouncy on Friday, as wellness-minded Mars trines flighty Neptune. Get out of your comfort zone and explore new territory. 
November 22 to December 21

Need a change of scenery, Sagittarius? You won’t need to venture far on Sunday if you make small adjustments to your space. Wellness-minded Venus sextiles domestic Neptune, encouraging you to manipulate your surroundings. Your attention turns towards your budgeting on Wednesday, as routine-ruling Venus conjuncts with money-minded Saturn. It’s easier for you to be objective about what you need as these planets complement each other. You may get the urge to revamp your space on Friday as feisty Mars trines home-ruling Neptune. Make sure that you’ve got everyone on board before you make any significant decisions. You’re called to nurture your inner self on Friday as wellness-ruling Venus conjuncts with spiritual Pluto. Don’t ignore it.
December 22 to January 19

Are you losing your sense of direction, Capricorn? Allow yourself to embrace a little chaos on Sunday as the sun squares against thought-ruling Neptune. You’re able to get a better perspective later in the day on Sunday as status-minded Venus sextiles with chatty Neptune. Talk yourself through your thoughts with friends and family during this transit — you could come up with a winning idea. You’re able to get your ducks in a row on Wednesday as career-ruling Venus conjuncts ruling Saturn. Be prepared to stun your colleagues, and lead them into a bright future. If you’re in a relationship, you may be called to make an important decision with your partner on Thursday as the romantic-ruling moon waxes full in Gemini. Single Capricorns should be ready to reach out to others for support during this transit.  
January 20 to February 18

Your emotions are burning hot on Sunday, Aquarius. The romantic-ruling sun squares against financial-ruling Neptune, creating a sense of confusion between you and your belongings. Single or attached, this transit could bring up feelings of possessiveness and jealousy. Guard yourself against irrational thoughts and seek out the counsel of family or loved ones on Sunday as domestic Venus sextiles with money-minded Neptune. Retreat from the world on Wednesday as home-ruling Venus conjuncts with spiritual Saturn. Now is the time for you to quiet your mind and nurture your inner self. Look for inspiration in your space on Friday as domestic Venus conjuncts with public-facing Pluto. This is a fun day to play on social media and express your inner performer.
February 19 to March 20

Are you feeling a little blocked, Pisces? Shake out your sillies on Sunday as the wellness-ruling sun squares against ruling Neptune. You’re in a more romantic mood later on Sunday as charming Venus sextiles dreamy Neptune — allow yourself to play and be free-spirited. Keep a notebook handy on Thursday as your creative ruler, the moon, waxes full in expressive Gemini. Explore new crafts, sing from the heart or move your body to channel this powerful energy. Re-evaluate your finances on Friday when money-minded Mars trines ruling Neptune. This transit may inspire you to jump headfirst into a new gig or side hustle. Be cautious — make sure that you protect yourself before getting too deep.

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