Horror hit 'Orphan' returns with Isabelle Fuhrman as cruel Esther

Shubham Dasgupta
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Horror hit
Horror hit

07 Nov 2020: Horror hit 'Orphan' returns with Isabelle Fuhrman as cruel Esther

Esther's merciless plans are set to return.

In what may come as a highly anticipated gift for fans of this sleeper hit horror flick, a prequel to Orphan is in the works.

Dark Castle Entertainment and Entertainment One are the producers of this movie, whose principal photography has already started in Winnipeg.

And it has Isabelle Fuhrman reprising her shocking and remarkable role.

Development: A prequel to 'Orphan' was the only treat for fans

Producers would agree that making a prequel to Orphan was the only way out for its fans to get a similar thrill and satisfaction with the protagonist, who is 9-year-old orphan Esther.

The script of the first film makes way for one specific turn of events regarding Esther that is as horrifying as the one that kept us on the edge of our seats.

Details: Challenges remain: How can Fuhrman play a younger Esther?

However, there is one big challenge: Fuhrman would be reprising her role as a younger Esther in this prequel.

Notably, she was 10 when she shot for Orphan, which released in 2009.

It has been 13 years since then and Fuhrman is now 23!

So to make her look that young (a 9-year-old girl), some serious makeup wizardry and/or special effects would be needed.

Fact: The name of the prequel is 'Orphan: First Kill'

Filmmakers of Orphan: First Kill, the prequel, will use forced perspective shooting, which is a technique of optical illusions to make the subject appear different than its real form.

They will combine that camera technique with a talented make-up team to recreate the 9-year-old Esther we loved, hated, or loved to hate on screen.

William Brent Bell of The Boy fame will direct it.

Some context: The original film is based on a real-life story

Orphan follows the miscarriage of an alcoholic woman, a mother of two.

She and her husband visit an orphanage for adoption and instantly likes the intelligent Esther.

They adopt her but it turns out that they don't know Esther well enough.

The film is based on the story of 33-year-old Czech woman Barbora Skrlová, who was found hiding as a 13-year-old Norwegian boy Adam.