The Hottest Influencer Marketing Trends For 2021

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Everyone hoped that once the clock hits 00.00 on New Year's Eve, the world restarts and leaves behind the last year's events. Sadly, this was just a dream, and the pandemic is still ongoing. Well, sadly, for some industries because as all activities moved online, influencer marketing has registered a surge in popularity. In fact, reports state that the budgets for influencer marketing increased by 65% in 2020, and it's predicted they will follow this upward trend in 2021.

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With many of the restrictions still in place, people are limited to the sources they can buy the goods and services they need and places where they can get entertained. During the last year, social media influencers have worked really hard to adapt their content to the market's changing needs and meet their new audience's preferences. And in 2021, they will continue to focus on finding innovative ways to connect with their public and attract brands to support them financially.

The pandemic has affected organisations worldwide that had to adapt to the market's new needs if they wanted to maintain their success or survive during these challenging moments. The influencer marketing industry powered them with the needed tools to stay relevant to the market and capture new clients.

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The multiple lockdowns led social media to be more widely used and allowed influencers to engage audiences in new ways. So now that we are heading to a new epoch, it's the moment to make a list of the hottest influencer trends we expect to see in 2021.

High-quality content and personalisation

In these moments, when social contact is limited, people thrive for a human element, and influencers can provide brands with this tool because they engage with their audiences in personal and creative ways. Whether it's how they create content, respond to questions, or ask for feedback from their followers, they ensure they tailor the content to their public's need to provide them with the human element they so much long for.

In the following months, it's expected the accounts that integrate personalisation into their brand collaborations and media content to engage better because people have reached the point when they no longer can stand to be away from other people.

Influencer's audiences already show interest in the content the influencers they follow produce, and brands can use this powerful marketing tool for advertising their products. Social media combines human interaction with technology, allowing influencers and organisations to generate higher engagement and loyalty levels.

Influences are more aware of the content they post and promote, and they strive to create high-quality content that benefits their public. If there were a time when they shared content only because it matched their feed theme or companies paid them to advertise their products or services, in 2021, they would be more selective in the brands they push forward. To achieve great results, they must think twice before creating a post and reaching their following mass.

No-edit edit

People are sick with accounts that promote over-edited content that is far from reality. From over-processed pictures to descriptions that don't truly depict the photo elements, everything was created to deceive the public into buying the products or services presented. But as trends change, social media influencers also have to change their habits and share things in a no-edit edit fashion. What does it mean? Consumers want to see who the person behind the lavishing photos is and get to know them. They are more interested in the individual than the image they present. So, while many influencers may prefer to maintain their edited feeds, some may choose to switch to more pristine and polishes content. The latest social media features that allow influencers to post Stories help them create no-edit edit posts by documenting their lives' realities and authentically showcasing their activities.

In 2021, many influencers will use Reels to offer their audience a glimpse behind the scene, showing them what it really takes to create high-quality content. The companies that want to collaborate with influencers that create no-edit edit content should hire companies like Clicks Talent to help them find digital ambassadors that fit their requirements.

Short-form video will skyrocket in popularity

It's no secret that people prefer video content nowadays (short video content has been popular for a couple of months now). And it looks like 2021 will be the year when this trend will skyrocket in popularity because everywhere you look on social media, you see video content in a form or another. Short videos that provide the public with brief and concrete information engage the greatest portion of followers because they manage to maintain their shortening attention span. We will also notice an increase in disappearing content posted on stories because options like Instagram stories have gained popularity recently.

Companies have registered huge success when collaborating with influencers that create short-form videos. Why? Because this content fits all industries from fashion to beauty, style, travelling, and fitness. It's safe to assume that influencers will continue to create content that engages audiences in the following months.

Authenticity will become the number one feature Gen Z shoppers are looking for

Even if some find it hard to believe that someone would require authentic posts in a world with copied and re-interpreted content, Gen Zers are doing it. They are known as picky followers and expect the accounts they follow to provide them with unique content. In 2021, the oldest members in Generation Z will turn 24, and it's expected the digital natives that grew with social media and smartphones at hand to change the way influencers create content. Why would influencers change their strategies for a single generation? Well, it will become the consumer powerhouse with spending over $100 billion annually. Older Gen Z members have already joined the workforce, and some are providing for their families, so they are a target group for most organisations. Companies have better start checking their interests and needs if they want to get their attention.

And when it comes to marketing, it's known that Generation Z is interested in unique features and high-quality content. So, they'll always pick authentic brands.

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