After out of the house, Shefali smashed the game of Paras, also chatted about aspiration

Rajendra Pal

Bigg Boss 13 has reached its final stop. There are still 8 people left in the house. Shefali Jariwala was out of the house this week. Shefali took home a wild card entry. In the first week, she became the captain of the house, but after that, her game gradually slowed down. At first, she had a friendship with Asim Riaz but later she moved to Siddharth Shukla’s group. After coming out of the house, Shefali has revealed many secrets about all the contestants.

Shefali said to Asim, ‘He cheated on me. He did the same thing with Siddharth Shukla. Asim provokes everyone at home. His misdeeds are increasing in the house. He does not know pollen, yet used the wrong words about him. Pollen has done exactly that by threatening them. Asim will come out and beat up many people, not just my husband.

Shefali also said that Rashmi provokes Asim. About Shehnaz, Shefali said, ‘She is a very big gamer. Fake. She takes advantage of people under the guise of cuteness. She turns up when her friends need her. Now she is supporting Asim’s team but I think her move will prove to be a huge flop. He has also hurt Siddhartha. ‘ 

Apart from this, Shefali also talked about the relationship of Paras and Mahira. Shefali said, ‘Paras has a romantic relationship with Mahira but nothing like this from Mahira. What we came to know about Aakanksha inside the house was a different story. Now coming out, what I heard is completely different. According to that, Paras is playing a very big game.

Describing the top 3 contestants, Shefali said that he thinks Siddharth Shukla, Shahnaz, and Asim Riaz will be in the top 3. Apart from this, Shefali said that it is a big thing for me to leave 2 weeks before the finale. I have become much better now. I come out and feel free.

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