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Veena Malik-Ashmit Patel

Having grown fond of each other in supersonic speed, these two took steamy and onscreen intimacy to the next level on Bigg Boss 4. Their affair continued for a brief period post-show, delaying the Pakistani actress's return, but went kaput soon after. A friend close to Ashmit claims that it was always one-sided from Veena; Ashmit wasn't that into her, but they tried to get lucky with their little romance as long as it lasted. Veena, returned to home, married a businessman, but divorced her husband in 2018 on grounds of violence. She has two children from the marriage.

How did these 10 famous "Big Boss" romances end

The house of Bigg Boss saw gazillion odd romances prospering, taking the TRPs high with melodrama a reality TV-bound relation entails: the fights, the make ups, the sweet nothings.

Most of these fizzled out as they were destined to, there are few inmates who took their Bigg Boss romance to the altar.