How new technology can help you check your stock portfolio while driving

Investors could soon be trading stocks while behind the wheel. TD Ameritrade (AMTD) is rolling out voice-activated technology that allows users to check their portfolios and listen to real-time quotes during their commute.

“We have to go meet where consumers are and engage with them on their terms,” Sunayna Tuteja, head of emerging technologies at TD Ameritrade, tells Yahoo Finance’s “The Ticker.”

TD Ameritrade is launching voice-activated technology allowing users to check their portfolios while driving.

Drivers using Google’s (GOOGGOOGL) Android Auto or Amazon’s (AMZN) Echo Auto can now check account balances or get sector updates using voice commands. “In our rollout right now, it’s starting with market information, market content that comes from our TDA network, your ability to ask for quotes — and as we learn more and more from consumer behavior, it will give us the ability to further customize that experience,” Tuteja said.

Tuteja also explains these features are an extension of how technology is already changing the way drivers spend time behind the wheel, whether listening to podcasts or using GPS to navigate their commutes. “By enabling this capability through CarPlay, Android Auto, or Echo Auto, it’s just as easy to say how are the markets doing or get up-to-date market content. So really that’s where we’re starting,” she said.

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