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1. Return to India (1915)

Riding high on the success of his movement against racism in South Africa, the 46-year-old Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi returned to India. He spent a year travelling around India, understanding people, their needs, aspirations and struggles.

How Mahatma Gandhi won India her Independence

Mahatma Gandhi is synonymous with India’s freedom struggle. When Gandhiji took up the cause of India’s freedom, the country was divided into many factions; infighting among the Congress members had weakened the freedom movement and the Britishers had been successful in alienating the Muslims from India’s nationalistic sentiments against our colonial rulers.

Gandhiji brought something novel to the table and his non-violent means of protesting took the British by surprise, as they were left clueless in the face of the Mahatma’s passive resistance. On his 150th birth anniversary, we look at some of the key moments involving the Mahatma that helped to free India from British shackles.

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