How many calories does your favourite Indian snack have?

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India is a land of diversity, whether you think of languages, cultures, or food. In today’s busy and fast lifestyle, while you struggle to shed those extra kilograms, have you ever noticed your calorie intake, especially when it comes to your favourite Indian snack items?

Often nicknamed as ‘junk food’, today, we’ll throw light on the nutritional information of some of these top Indian snacks. Let’s find out how many calories we are putting in our body with these truly ‘rich’ and tasty delicacies.

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Samosa: This ‘king of Indian snacks’ consists of a flour casing filled with spicy, mashed potatoes. The crispy texture, along with its finger-licking taste, makes it an all-time favourite snack-item. One piece contains 252 calories. You can use healthy vegetables or chicken and replace frying with baking or steaming. But then, would you like to call it a samosa?

Pakoras: Pakoras are prepared by deep frying the vegetables of your choice, such as onions, green chillies, spinach, etc., in a mixture of besan and spices and are often accompanied by spicy and sweet dips. One piece of pakora contains around 75 calories, and if you eat a plateful, you will quickly end up consuming 400+ calories.

Dhokla: A traditional Gujarati delicacy, dhokla is prepared by steaming fermented flour, which makes them relatively healthier. One hundred grams of dhokla contains 160 calories. However, be careful while adding an extra tempering of oil as it can significantly increase your calorie intake.

Chivda: A mixture of puffed rice, fried peanuts, chickpeas, and more, chivda is an all-time preferred snack in Maharashtra. Though homemade, stir-fried chivda is healthier, a handful of packaged, fried chivda contains 201 calories.

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Paapri chaat: Paapri chaat consists of a circular, flat, deep-fried bread of all-purpose flour, topped with onions, chillies, coriander, spices, and mashed potatoes, along with the sweet and spicy sauces. One plate of this popular snack item consists of 6 pieces that are equivalent to 712 calories.

Chakli/ Murukku: This crispy, deep-fried snack is made from a mixture of urad daal, rice flour, and spices. One murukku contains 150 calories and is popular among many Indian households as a favourite snack with evening tea.

Aloo Tikki: Traditional aloo tikkis made from mashed potatoes, chana daal, coriander, and spices are deep-fried and delicious. One piece of aloo tikki is loaded with 275 calories, and you can make its healthy version by replacing deep-frying with baking.

Pav Bhaji: One of the most favourite fast foods, pav bhaji, is made of thick potato-based curry of vegetables and spices and buttered pav. One plate of pav bhaji contains 400+ calories, which can significantly increase if you add more butter.

Looking at their nutritional value, you can decide whether to avoid some of these popular Indian snacks altogether even on your cheat-days or to opt for their healthier versions to achieve your health goals.

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