How much? Brits are outraged by the cost of items seven times a month

Non-alchoholic "mocktails" are overpriced, Brits say. Photo: J2O Spritz

Brits are outraged by the cost of items seven times a month, having 84 “how much?!” moments a year, research suggests.

In a poll of 1,500 people by soft drink J2O Spritz, 82% of the nation branded modern food and drink fads as “eye-wateringly expensive”.

Everyday items such as sandwiches on trains (30%), artisan coffee (21%) and smoothies (20%) were among the worst offenders.

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Moreover, expensive drinks on a night out (29%) also emerged as one of the things we begrudge spending our hard-earned cash on.

Shockingly, even those who ditch the booze when out with friends spend nearly £40 on an average night out on mocktails and over-priced soft drinks.

When it comes to ordering off the menu, Brits think that adding the word “artisan” in front of something is likely to raise the price by a staggering 56%.

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Other annoyances include the use of unnecessary words like “deconstructed” (39%), “foam” (43%), “foraged” (32%), “charred” (28%), curated (21%), craft (11%) and hand-selected (9%).

It’s often a case of keeping up appearances, as 65% of Brits said they have continued to buy something despite it being too expensive because they were too embarrassed to put it back or admit they had changed their mind.

And over a third (37%) of the nation avoid going to fancy places altogether, with 31% admitting they are constantly on their guard for inflated prices.

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However, 29% of Brits reckon they can spot an over-priced item, and 34% said they can usually find a cheaper option by “keeping it simple”.

When it comes to summer socialising, 59% think the trend for overpriced mocktails has got out of hand.

Three out of five Brits feel frustrated if they have to wait more than two minutes for a drink to be served, and the same proportion admitted it is rarely worth the wait.

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Despite this, Britain is undoubtedly a nation of fun-loving socialites, spending on average £1,144 during summer on going out with mates.