Woman confesses she hasn't washed her pillows in 10 years

Caroline Allen
Mum sparks huge debate after admitting she hasn't washed her pillows in 10 years. [Photo: Getty]

We spend 33 years of our lives in bed, according to Dreams. That’s 26 years sleeping and 7 entire years trying to sleep.

That’s a long time for our heads to be touching a pillow, especially one that hasn’t been washed.

This realisation hit one mum, prompting her to ask her parenting forum members how often they wash their pillows.

We’re not talking pillow cases here. We’re talking the actual pillow itself, and the truth is, we should be washing them more often than you might think.

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According to Naturalmat’s resident sleep expert, Christabel Majendie we should be “washing our pillows every three months”.

“Pillows are accustomed to things that you definitely don’t want near your head including dirt, dust, dead skin cells and little insects such as spiders.”

Not sure how to clean your pillow? Majendie says: “You do need to check the label of your own pillows to be sure, but the majority of down and synthetic pillows can be machine washed and dried using low heat.”

“Once you remove your pillows from the washing machine make sure to dry them completely as dampness can invite the bacteria and dust mites back again.”

The trick to washing your pillows is to pack them tightly in the machine, so they don’t lose their shape. Try washing them with liquid detergent rather than powder so they don’t leave a grainy residue.

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If you’ve never washed your pillows before, you’re not alone.

The mum told her group on Mumsnet: “In the last couple of years I have been getting spots on my face. I bought new creams, drank more water, washed my pillow case more often... but today I realised that I have not washed my pillow once in the 10+ years since I bought it.”

The responses came flooding in quickly, with some people branding the mum as “grim”.

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Others sympathised, though, saying they didn’t realise they needed to wash the actual pillows either.

One said: “I've never washed a pillow either. We use pillow cases and thick pillow protectors which both get washed regularly.”

Every day’s a school day, folks.

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