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Long, impromptu speeches:

While former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, and those before him including even Atal Bihari Vajpayee, who was a known orator, have opted to read out from prepared speeches, PM Modi has spoken extempore. His speeches have also been the longest. Where all the previous PMs, except for Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, restricted their speeches to below 50 minutes, Modi’s speeches have lasted anywhere between 50 and 95 minutes. In 2014, he spoke for 65 minutes, while in 2016 he touched 94 minutes. However, after acknowledging that he had been receiving complaints about his extra-long speeches, Modi cut down the length in 2017, bringing it down to 56 minutes – the shortest he had spoken. In 2018, however, Modi returned to his usual length and spoke for 80 minutes. How long he will speak in 2019 is anybody's guess. Image credit: By Prime Minister's Office

Independence Day 2019: How PM Narendra Modi’s Independence Day speeches have stood apart from his predecessors’

On August 15th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give his first Independence Day speech since his resounding victory after the 2019 Lok Sabha elections. Ever since his maiden Independence Day speech, after his first big win in 2014, PM Modi has done away with most of the norms and rules that his predecessors had followed.

This year too, the Prime Minister has invited citizens to send in their suggestions and inputs on what he can address in his speech. PM Modi had tweeted, “I am delighted to invite you all to share your valuable inputs for my speech on 15th August. Let your thoughts be heard by 130 crore Indians from the ramparts of the Red Fort.” For the same, an Open Forum has been created on the NaMo App, which allows people to give in their suggestions.

We take a look at how PM Modi’s speeches have been a departure from those of the other Prime Ministers who have delivered their Independence Day speeches from the Red Fort: