How to Get Rid of Suntan on Face and Arms

Who loves to hit the beach??? Well, I guess all of us. I have seen many people hitting the gym hard and starting with an extremely strict fitness regime months before hitting the gym. They begin to say no to all the calorie gaining foods. And all this to get in to the perfect bikini figure. Yes, girls’ beach life is such bliss.

But there is something after the beach party is over which hit us much harder. Yes, folks you guessed it right. I am talking about the sun tan. Once when you return from the holidays you have to move to perform your daily chores be it in office or anywhere else. And I am sure you will get a lot of comments like “OMG…you are really tanned” and “You have become at least 2-3 shades darker” and all that. And do you know where the sun tan hits the hardest. It is on your face and on the arms. These are the areas which are generally exposed maximum at the beach and afterwards also.

So, here have a look at some of the tried and tested methods just from the expert’s own beauty stash to get rid of suntan on both face and arms –

1.       Cucumber – It is one of the most natural bleaching agents. This green beauty does not only moisturize and nourish the skin but also de-tans your skin naturally.

How to use it –

·         Crush fresh cucumber and collect it in a bowl

·         Mix it with honey or you can apply it directly on the tanned portions of your face and arms

·         Let it soak for some time and then wash it off with normal water

2.       Lemon – One of the skin care lightening agent. It is highly enriched with vitamin C and has loads of anti oxidants.

How to use it –

·         Squeeze out the lemon juice from a fresh lemon

·         Collect it in a bowl

·         Apply it on the tanned areas and let it dry

·         Once it dries out, rub the lemon peel

·         Rinse it off with normal water

3.       Papaya – do you know that Papaya is enriched with enzymes which help in lightening the skin tone and eliminating the tan.

How to use it –

·         Grind the pulp of papaya

·         Add some drops of honey

·         Apply it on the tanned areas of your body

·         Let it dry for 15-20 minutes

·         Wash off with water

4.       Yogurt – Another fab bleaching agent which helps in lightening the skin colour. And it is a boon for dry skinned girls.

How to use it –

·         Apply yogurt on the tanned areas of your body

·         Let it dry for some 15-20 minutes

·         Wash off with normal water

5.       Cabbage – Cabbage is rich in anti-oxidants and phytochemicals which rejuvenate your tanned skin like anything.

How to use it –

·         Grate ¼ portion of cabbage into a bowl

·         Add 1 spoon of honey into it

·         Apply on the tanned parts of your skin

·         Wash off with normal water

So, these were some of the easy peasy tan removal methods. All of these are supper effective and very cost efficient too. You can find them in your kitchen stash only. So, no more second thoughts before hitting a beach. Enjoy the beach and the take care of the tan post beach.