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(PHOTO: Futr)
(PHOTO: Futr)

It goes without saying that the world is now more focused on sustainability issues, whether it’s about what you are wearing, eating or producing at your company. Here in Asia, the issues related to climate change and overproduction can clearly be seen whenever the haze hits or another waterway becomes polluted.

But what can we do about it? Is the problem too big for us as individuals to deal with?

Actually, no. There are many easily implemented actions you can take to make your own mark in the fight against these seemingly overwhelming problems. This is where having the right sources for news and information become increasingly important.

Focusing on the Future

“A lot of our readers genuinely want to do good by the environment but aren’t sure where to start or how,” explains Brintha Loganathan, the editor of Singapore-based online magazine

“There’s a vast amount of literature that exists on the topic which can be overwhelming, confusing and even at times, preachy. I’m personally not a fan of anything overly preachy, and I think there are definitely others like me who ‘tune out’ the moment they feel like someone’s talking at them instead of with them.”

In partnership with veteran automotive journalists, Joel Tam and Sheldon Trollope - the founders of Ignition Labs - Ms Loganathan explains that the idea for started as a publication about hybrid and electric vehicles, but grew into something so much more.

“Once we delved more into the topic, the more apparent it became that our focus had to be broader. We were very interested in examining how EVs could potentially fit in with a sustainable lifestyle as a whole,” says Ms Loganathan.

“We also realised that there was room for a sustainability publication that catered to readers who wanted to make a difference, but perhaps weren’t sure where to start – considering there are so many different aspects to sustainability. It was particularly important to me that we were able to create content that wasn’t merely educational, but also entertaining and relatable.”

(PHOTO: Futr)
(PHOTO: Futr)

To that end, the publication is focused on offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ for content related to living more sustainably.

“... is first and foremost a platform for stories about sustainability and eco-consciousness. There are a number of awesome sites that deal with different aspects of sustainability, but the message we want to bring across is a little different. We’re big on encouraging people to take “little steps” towards a more sustainable lifestyle,” Ms Loganathan explains.

Instead of just browbeating their readers with lots of facts and figures, or doom and gloom stories, the editorial team look for the positive angles, hoping to bring people clarity around the issues of living sustainably, and offer practical tips and information to help them do so.

“What tries to do is to turn serious, important topics into stories that are accessible, exciting and most importantly, fun. And we hope that these stories inspire people to start or continue their own sustainability journeys,” says Ms Loganathan.

“Secondly, we’re also the first sustainability-focused online magazine in Singapore that addresses EVs, green vehicles and green automotive tech. I think there’s recently been a lot of curiosity about EVs in Singapore. People are wondering if they’re really perfect green alternatives to a traditional ICE car. So tries to answer these questions through our stories – whether it’s car reviews, EV guides and the like.”

(PHOTO: Futr)
(PHOTO: Futr)

Creating a more Sustainable Singapore

According to Ms Loganathan, Singaporeans are becoming more interested in living in a sustainable way, and they are interested in new technology and ideas on how to do so.

“I think in recent years there has been a shift in perspectives within the population. People are definitely starting to pay more attention and some are trying to find their own ways to live more sustainably,” Ms Loganathan says.

“In part because government initiatives regarding sustainability have shifted from being ‘advisory’ to more ‘regulatory’ over the years. So there is greater pressure on the population to adapt.

“Then there’s also the ‘trend factor’. Somehow, a sustainable lifestyle has in recent years become hip because more popular brands are pushing out eco-friendly, sustainably sourced products. Plus, you’ve also got a lot more important, influential voices in the community speaking about all the different aspects of sustainability – whether it’s about zero-waste, pollution, preservation and the like.”

So the current situation is relatively positive, but Ms Loganathan says there is still room for improvement, especially in the areas of fast, convenient lifestyle options.

“There is still so much more room for growth. Singapore as a society is in a constant rush and flux. There are still many who would choose faster, more convenient options than ones that are less convenient, but better for the environment,” she explains.

“The people who futr is tailored to however, are those who feel like they want to do more but because they can’t completely transform their lifestyle to a more sustainable one overnight or perhaps feel they’re not doing enough to matter, get discouraged and just stop taking action. That’s where I think comes in.

“We want to create a zero-judgement, safe space for readers to enjoy meaningful stories that hopefully inspire them to press on.”

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