How to make the most of your commute to work

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Don’t squander away the time and instead keep yourself energised with these productive tasks.

Take in a podcast or audiobook
Podcasts and audiobooks are a great way to entertain yourself, while also learning something new. Not only are you adding to your knowledge, you’re giving yourself a reason to look forward to your commute. From self-help to industry-related news, comedy, interviews, and general knowledge, there are a whole host of podcasts out there. If podcasts aren’t your thing, download an audiobook. Most books published today have audio versions, perfect for those looking to make the most of their travel time.

Learn a new language
You can use the time spent commuting to brush up on a language you’ve learnt earlier or pick one you’ve always wanted to master. There is a range of language learning apps that use interactive lessons, quizzes, games, and audio-visual formats to make learning fun. Some of the popular apps are Duolingo, Memrise, Babbel and Rosetta Stone. By adding to your skill set you’re also making yourself a more valuable asset at work.

Use the time to network
This a bit of a rabbit hole, so you need to keep yourself on a tight leash to ensure you are being productive. Check your social media to catch up on current happenings and use the time to (re)connect with and reach out to industry veterans, peers, colleagues, and potential business partners. Build on the connections you’ve made at industry social gatherings or events. These relationships and interactions could provide helpful insights and knowledge as well as lead to interesting work opportunities.

Evaluate your day
The time spent travelling to work gives you the perfect opportunity to take a good look at the day ahead and make sure you’ve got your to-do list right. Your mind is fresh and you’re more likely to spot areas of improvement, possible hurdles, and the changes you need to make to have a productive day. To do so you also need to evaluate your previous day’s work as part of the self-improvement. This daily review is a great way to decrease stress.

Make it your ‘me time’
In our mad, hectic lives and rush to get everything done, we often don’t set aside any dedicated time for ourselves. That little bit of ‘me time’ to create your own space and tune out the rest of the world. Well, your commute time can help you do just this. Finding the environment too noisy? Take the help of guided meditation apps to focus inwards and relax. This will calm your mind, increase focus, and prepare you for the day ahead. If you’re doing this on your way home, it will help you unwind and deal with all the stress and tension of the day at work, so that you’re relaxed and can enjoy the rest of your day.