How to not lose your partner: 10 things you can do to solve your issue

Arpita Chatterjee
·2-min read
Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels
Photo by Vera Arsic from Pexels

Is your relationship going through a troubled time? These simple tips may help you ease out the tension and open the floor for better communication between the two. 

Be cordial, not nasty

Even if you have arguments, be nice to each other. Don't use words, language and tone that could hurt the other person. 

Take the lead

If there's something about the other person that is nagging you, then don't be afraid to communicate it to the other person. Communication and conversations are the key to understand each other in a better way. 

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Sometimes, bite your tongue

Rather than exploding with anger over each other's actions or statements, keep a calm mind and try to see from the other person's point of view. But do talk to your partner about it once both of you'll have cooled off. 

Be honest

Your partner is not a mind reader. If you dislike something or are irked by something, make sure to inform your partner about it. Honesty is one of the pillars of a good relationship, not just with your partner, but also with friends and family. 

Give some space

As important it is to spend time together, it is equally important for both you and your partner to spend some time apart from each other and do your own things, be it meet some friends or have a hobby that you like. It will also give you time to grow as individuals and have separate interests, which is not a bad thing.  

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Ease up on the pressure

If your relationship has hit the brakes and is not moving forward, then the worst thing you can do is put more pressure on your partner with constant questions about your future together. A slow relationship is better than a fast one that crashes against any trouble that comes your way. 

Enjoy being in a relationship

Make your partner feel special by spending quality time with each other, without any friends, family or distractions. Have date nights, cook meals together, watch movies or shows together. Simple and selfless things that you do for your partner goes a long way in a relationship. 

Don't play minesweeper

'Relationship games' that we've seen on TV and movies, don't really work in real life. 'No calling till four days' or 'leave them hanging till they get desperate to see you' are the worst advice you could implement in your relationship. If you like your partner, then make sure you show them in some way. Doesn't have to be some grand gesture. If you have an issue with your partner, then talk it out like adults, rather than sulking, overthinking and making assumptions about it. 

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