How To Use the Covid-19 Lockdown to Boost Your Career

How To Use the Covid-19 Lockdown to Boost Your Career

With the lockdown in force, most of us found ourselves with a couple of hours to spare after finishing all that we had planned to do for the day. While initially you may think that this extra time to relax is a blessing, after about a week or two, it begins to get on your nerves! During such times you’re constantly wondering what to do but unable to find the right solutions. If you’re looking to get productive and use this extra time to boost your career, we have a couple of recommendations for you! 

Although the actual activity you might undertake would be career-specific, we are providing our views on activities that people from all industries can use to fast-track their careers!

Build Your Network: 

While you might have reason to believe that you’re the only person sitting home with a couple of hours to spare, the reality is that everyone is being subject to the same scenario. Use this time to build long-lasting, genuine connections with people across industries and in our industries. It’s the best time to reach out to people as most of us are no longer bound by strict deadlines or never-ending work hours!

Improve Your Existing Skills:

As with every person, you have your strengths and weaknesses and your career has its key skillset requirements which can help you reach the top. Take this time to identify the overlapping skillset required for your career which may be one of you your weaknesses and work on improving it. 

Learn A New Skillset:

If you’re already good at what you do or you’re just looking for a refreshing change, we recommend learning a new skill. No knowledge in life goes waste and you can never predict how or when that knowledge may come in handy. Try and choose something in the domain that interests you and has potential!


The beautiful thing about books is that they cover content across genres and industries. They help you bridge the knowledge gap between the common man and the industry experts. In most fields you’ll find that industry leaders having published several books which give you an insight into their thinking and help you develop your own. The more you read, the more you can learn from their experiences. While it’s tough to find time to read with long workhours and exhausting commutes, this is the ideal time to sit down with a cup of coffee and a book every evening!


Many of us get caught up in the so-called rat-race so fast that we don’t even realize we’re there. We get pushed into jobs, companies or positions we don’t like or had intended to quit in a year or two. While normal workdays don’t leave much time for self-reflection, this lockdown provides the perfect opportunity to sit down, analyze and retrospect your life and career directions.  If you’re happy where you are, great – You’re in the right space and working towards the career that makes you happy. If you’re not in your ideal job, chalk out a career path to get there and develop skills that will help you make the shift! 

Pick Up A New Hobby:

As kids we all focused on playing games with our friends before getting to homework and even during exams! Why? Because it made us happy. As grownups, we rarely make time for things that leave us feeling happy and inspired. This leads to frequent meltdowns, high frustration levels and burnouts amongst people. Use this lockdown to re-discover the things that make you feel good and do them. Include them in your weekly schedule post lockdown and you’ll find yourself working with higher energy and productivity levels!

Reconnect With Your Loved Ones:

Using the same logic as above, you know that depriving yourself of pleasure leads to lower productivity, higher frustration and more frequent burnouts. Take time to reconnect with your loved ones, your mentors, guides and anyone you’d like to get in touch with again. It might re-ignite your ambition, make you feel more capable of achieving your goals and all-in-all bring joy to those you haven’t spoken to in so long. A strong personal life leads to a better career just by reminding you that you have a strong support system for when things don’t go your way or you need a helping hand!

Do Your Work:

Needless to say, don’t forget to do your work. While lockdown may make you feel like you’re on indefinite vacation, you’re actually not. Take this time and opportunity to prove to your boss that you’re capable of getting the job done by the assigned deadlines or sooner, even when you’re working from home! It’ll raise your opinion in the eyes of your boss and lead to more willing consent from them when you want to work-from-home in the future.