How we'll buy cars in the future

Car buying future

Slowly but steadily, the digital way of life has swept through everything in its wake and the automobile industry has been no exception. Today, you can buy a car online, book a service or even start a car via an app. However, to check out a car for purchasing you still need to go to a showroom. Or do you?

Now, an innovation by Audi has brought the entire car showroom to your house, thanks to rapid advances in Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). VR allows you to examine a car right down to the last detail and check it out just the you would want to. You can select various options and test the look of the car before locking in on your choice.

Car buying future

The other interesting new phenomenon AR, thanks to which any Audi car can appear on a Digital device, in miniature form or in actual size. Thus you can check out the car and every feature it has from the comfort of your home. In the luxury segment at least, prospective owners do not go to showrooms and prefer salesmen to visit them — soon this could be true for all car purchases irrespective of the segment.

Technology like this begs the question: is there any need for a car showroom any more if the buying experience is no longer dependent on the physical presence of the car? The shift has meant that the whole automotive retail process has had to change from a largely product driven sales process to a consumer driven one.

Real estate and space are also expensive and dealers/car companies think it is wiser to invest in technology than spend a huge amount on a big showroom decked with every model and variant. It is nearly impossible that every car model with every trim is available at a showroom; hence going digital indeed seems to be the future.

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