How you can help your child cope up with COVID-19:

Gayatri Vinayak

A question that my five-year-old asks me regularly these days is when will the ‘coronavirus’ go away. While he is too small to understand the gravity of the situation that he and the rest of the world are in, for him, the virus symbolises a major curtailment of his otherwise hugely active life.

He, like most children, has taken the lockdown with a certain amount of maturity – the tantrums that he would have thrown otherwise after playtime is over or the insistence on going down to play with his friends, are absent. Instead, he is busy making plans of all the things he wants to do once the virus ‘goes away’.

If COVID-19 has been bad for us adults, it has been worse for the millions of children cooped up at home who have seen their school and play lives disrupted. This is more so for those of us who live in crowded cities and apartment blocks where the maximum exposure that children have to the world outside is from their balconies/windows.

Hence, it is upon us adults to ensure that the lockdown period and all the changes that it has brought with it, is not traumatic for our children. While it is difficult to manage home, work and children, here are some ways in which you can ensure that your child comes out of this lockdown as less scarred as possible.