Hrithik Roshan emerges as the box office king of 2019!

Hrithik Roshan

Superstar Hrithik Roshan has all the reasons to celebrate as the year 2019 belongs to the actor. The actor has delivered two massive hits with ‘Super 30’ and ‘War’ both of them were hailed universally, with a special mention to the actor’s power-packed performance.

On one hand, Hrithik essayed the role of Anand Kumar flawlessly in Super 30 leaving Anand Kumar himself surprised and on the other hand, Hrithik Roshan gliding off a helicopter left the audience in theaters utterly thrilled. Not only fans and the audience, but even critics also loved both films.

Speaking about ‘War’ and ‘Super 30’, one aspect which left the entire industry surprised and had become a talking point amongst forums was Hrithik’s amazing transformation from Anand Kumar to Kabir.

Hrithik’s transformation has garnered immense praise from one and all as the actor had burnt candles on both ends and achieved his War avatar only two months after Super 30, where he is seen playing a middle-aged Maths teacher.

Both ‘Super 30’ and ‘War’ have performed exceptionally well at the box office and the latter is still minting moolah at the box office.

With back to back two blockbuster hits we can definitely deduce that despite Hrithik going off his comfort zone completely in Super 30 and playing a diametrically opposite role in War, the actor has ensured both the films are equally successful, Kudos to Hrithik Roshan. The actor is also one of the most profitable actors of 2019!

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