Hrithik Roshan Heads to Crime Branch Office to Record Statement in the Fake Email Id Case

Mihir Trivedi
·1-min read

Actor Hrithik Roshan left from his Juhu residence in Mumbai on Saturday to record his statement in connection to his 2016 impersonator case after it was transferred to the Crime Branch’s Crime Intelligence Unit. This is after the actor’s lawyer approached the Mumbai police in December last year regarding the probe.

The big fight between Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan grabbed headlines after Ranaut called Roshan her ‘silly ex’ in an interview. Roshan later approached the Mumbai police alleging that an impersonator was communicating with actress from a bogus email on his name, and he was never in a relationship with Kangana. Roshan also accused Ranaut of harassing him by flooding his real mail box with close to 3000 emails.

Ranaut maintained that she was indeed in a relationship with the actor, the duo also exchanged rings in Paris – a claim Hrithik strongly refuted. Attempts were made by several Bollywood personalities to broker peace between the warring stars but it didn’t yield favourable results. The industry too was divided in two groups as the public spat took a legal turn.

While Ranaut stated that cyber crime unit could not prove the role of an imposter hence Roshan’s claims fall flat.