Hrithik Roshan stuns Anand Kumar by touching his feet

Hrithik Roshan’s flash-visit to Patna, hometown of Anand Kumar whom the star plays in the monsoon hit Super 30, on Tuesday had one big surprise moment. It was when Hrithik Roshan bent down and touched Anand Kumar’s feet in full public view, eliciting oohs aahs and wah wahs of all of Patna’s drooling fans who had gathered on Tuesday afternoon at Patna’s Hotel Maurya for a glimpse and a selfie with the Star. Hrithik obliged. But it was too short a visit.

Anand Kumar, who received Hrithik at the Patna airport and was with Hrithik throughout his short stay in Bihar’s capital, couldn’t control his emotions. “Hrithikji’s Patna visit was long due. He came like a hero and left like a super-hero.” Anand says he was overwhelmed by Hrithik’s gesture of respect towards him.

“He said it was Guru Purnima and on this occasion when all students honour their teachers, he wanted to touch my feet. And he did! For such a big star to show such humility kindness and generosity is rare. If he says I am his guru then I say I’m Hrithik Roshan’s fan. I want to thank him for taking my story to every corner of the world.”

In Patna, Hrithik just couldn’t stop singing praises of Anand Kumar. He did admit to Patnaites though, that he didn’t know about Anand before the film. Says Anand, “Hrithikji said, after spending two years of his life playing my character he felt he was a Bihar in his last life.”

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