Huddersfield and Paddy Power admit controversial kit was part of campaign to 'return shirts to the fans'

Tom Homewood
Assistant Producer

Huddersfield and Paddy Power have finally confessed their joint kit was part of a campaign to ‘return shirts to the fans’.

The Terriers released their actual kit for next season, sponsored by Umbro but without a main sponsor across the front.

The original, subject of mass controversy, saw the bookies’ logo stretch diagonally across the shirt to a satirical extent.

And they eventually admitted on Twitter it was a fake.

A Paddy Power tweet read: “So yeah, our Huddersfield shirt WAS a fake. We're not just sponsoring them this season, we're UNsponsoring them too, through our Save Our Shirt campaign. #SaveOurShirt”

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“We’re really happy with this kit’’, added Huddersfield’s Commercial Director Sean Jarvis ‘‘It’s unique in modern-day football.

“I’d like to thank Paddy Power, Umbro and everyone else involved in the kit for their hard work towards today.”

Huddersfield wore the Paddy Power kit in a pre-season friendly against Rochdale on Wednesday night (Photo by John Early/Getty Images)

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