Husband Finds out Wife's Pregnancy through Lottery Scratch Card. Video Leaves Netizens Amused

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Pregnancy and gender reveal announcements are precious events in one's life. As a result, people leave no stone upturned to make it a memorable event. For many, it is a close knit affair with their partner and family, while some like to throw lavish parties. In a recent incident, a woman based out of Arizona came up with a rather interesting and innovative way of revealing her pregnancy to her partner. Mom-to-be Hayli Baezused lottery scratch cards to share the big news with her partner Rick. She has shared the entire series of reactions in a video that she has shared on her YouTube channel.

The clip begins with Hayli being overwhelmed on coming to know that she is pregnant. She takes a couple of minutes to gather herself after the pregnancy test kit shows the result. Soon after, she mentions to her viewers that her partner has no clue that they are soon going to have a baby. Sharing her plans to reveal the big news to Rick, she told her viewers about the pregnancy reveal lottery cards and how she was going to use them to surprise the daddy-to-be.

A couple of minutes later, Rick is seen entering the living room of the house, while Hayli is busy scratching one of the lottery cards. She then casually asks Rick to join her by scratching another lottery card. The two of them are then seen reading out the rewards mentioned on the tickets and the probability of winning. Few seconds later, Rick gets to the card which actually reads ‘baby’. As soon as he scratches the entire card, he is seen jumping around with joy. The couple then hug each other and are seen in an overjoyed mood.

The video which has an overload of emotions has gotten around 90 thousand views on YouTube alone. Since being shared, netizens have been vocal about their reaction to the video. Most people have congratulated the couple and some have told them how happy the video makes them feel. One person wrote, “Congratulations you guys! Can't wait to see the Baez family grow with another happy healthy baby,” another one added, “This brings a smile to my face every time I see it, so happy for your family! Your reaction was so priceless." A netizen also commented saying that he wants them to make a video of revealing this news to their parents.