Hussain Zaidi pens new novel 'The Endgame'

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New Delhi, Jul 18 (PTI) Crime writer S Hussain Zaidi has come out with a new novel which talks of politics, betrayal and unimaginable terror.

'The Endgame' gives the readers a close-up of complex political machinery at work, including state security, defence services and intelligence agencies like - all building up to an explosive climax, publishers HarperCollins India said.

Zaidi says 'The Endgame' explores the challenges that the security of a country faces from within and without at the same time.

It takes the mentor-protege team of Shahwaz Ali Mirza and Vikrant Singh onwards from their earlier mission and places them in a situation where the stakes are even higher than before. Apart from a threat looming over the nation, they must also contend with enemies from within, as well as a conflict between themselves, he says.

'It is, essentially, the story of the human beings behind the uniforms, with all their strengths and flaws, showing how they are required to make sacrifices at a personal level because the job demands it,' says the former journalist whose several books have been adapted into Bollywood films.

The story begins three years after Mirza and Singh foiled dreaded terrorist Munafiq's attempt to leak State secrets from a naval server in Lakshadweep. The intelligence officers now have the task of providing security for a top paramilitary officer, on his way to visit a former prime minister who is in hospital after a car accident.

However, the officer's convoy is attacked by terrorists. They manage to kill him before being gunned down themselves.

Amidst accusations of intelligence failure and cries for revenge, Mirza and Singh are told to investigate the case. A tip-off from a foreign agent leads the duo to an apartment in Mumbra where the prime suspect is hiding. He, however, manages to escape, but Singh recognises him as the brother of one of his long-time informants.

Just when it looks like things can't get more difficult, an army officer, who is now engaged to the prime minister's daughter, gets in touch claiming that there is more to his would-be father-in-law's accident than meets the eye.

Soon, the entire team from the Lakshadweep operation finds itself getting together for a new mission.

Vishal Bhardwaj has described the book as a 'thrilling ride that reads like an action film'.

Publisher Diya Kar says Zaidi is in top form.

'The Endgame' is a must-read for all who loved 'Mumbai Avengers' and 'Eleventh Hour' and also those who relish spy novels and political thrillers, she says.

Zaidi has also authored 'Black Friday', 'Mafia Queens of Mumbai', 'Dongri to Dubai' and 'Byculla to Bangkok'. He was the associate producer of an HBO documentary, 'Terror in Mumbai', based on the 26/11 terror attacks. PTI ZMN SHD SHD