Hyderabad Rape Case: Farhan Akhtar lashes out at judicial system of India

The horrendous crime which took place in Hyderabad has left the country in utter shock. While the citizens are demanding capital punishments and death penalties for the culprits, actor Farhan Akhtar has slammed the judiciary of India for not taking fast actions during such cases.

The rape and murder case which shook the country was condemned by many B-Town celebrities including Rishi Kapoor, who is quite active and vocal on social media. He demanded for a 'Capital Punishment' against the criminals and tweeted "I support Capital punishment for rapists! This has to stop!"

Replying to the veteron actor and pointing out how capital punishment doesn't work in India, Farhan found the judiciary responsible as he reflected the 'Nirbahaya' case from 2012 of which the culprits are still healthy and alive.

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He said, "The 4 convicted rapists/killers of Jyoti Singh were given capital punishment. It has now been 7 years. They are still alive. That’s how grindingly slow the wheels of justice on a (fast-tracked!!) case that shook this country to its core have turned. It’s pathetic. @chintskap"

He further felt that it's an irony that the criminals who didn't show mercy to the victims are allowed to file for mercy petitions. He said "The irony that these monsters who did not show any mercy to their victim are allowed to file mercy petitions even after the Supreme Court upholds their sentencing is just baffling!"

While the country is furious and angry over the culprits, what Farhan said does make sense. We hope this time, the fast-track court actually acts faster and punish the culprits with what they deserve after this heinious crime.

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