I need advice: I did something I regret at my office party

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Cropped shot of friends celebrating with champagne
Cropped shot of colleagues celebrating with champagne

In our new series called, ‘I need advice’, we bring you pertinent questions that real-life people have asked in publications around the world. These are hard-hitting issues faced by men and women today. The questions could range from family, relationships and work, to abuse and sex.


Here is today’s question:


I am a corporate guy who did something unfortunate at an office party last year. During the dinner, I sat opposite the newest member of our team, an ambitious and very attractive young lady. She suggested the two of us go drinking afterwards, and you can imagine the rest.

I am married with two young children. The next day I tried to apologise to my colleague and said it was a mistake. She refused to accept it, clearly expecting our affair to continue. Thankfully, due to the lockdown, we have not been able to meet in person, and nothing has happened yet. But I fear she will seek revenge and spill the beans internally, or tell my wife.

What to do?


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