Ice-T defends wife after she is shamed for breastfeeding daughter at nearly four

Julia Hunt
Coco Austin and Ice-T at the 2019 MTV Video Music Awards (Photo by: zz/Patricia Schlein/STAR MAX/IPx 2019 8/26/19)

Rapper Ice-T has hit back at trolls after his wife was shamed for breastfeeding their almost four-year-old daughter.

Coco Austin came under fire after she posted pictures on Instagram showing her nursing the couple’s daughter Chanel, who turns four later this year, while they were on a plane.

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People posted messages online saying it was “sick” and “disturbing” and that Chanel was too old for nursing, although others backed the star’s right to make her own choice for her own child.

Addressing the backlash, Ice-T told gossip site TMZ that Chanel eats food too and just likes to breastfeed every now and then to be close with her mother.

“They make it out like the baby only eats… breastfeeds,” said the music star.

“Every once in a while, you know what I’m saying, she wants to get close to her mum, that's what they do.”

Laughing off the controversy, he added: “She eats food, she eats f****** cheeseburgers.”

The photos shared by Austin last week showed Chanel sitting on her mum’s lap for a feed while they were on a plane.

Austin, 40, wrote: “A mothers calling.... I'm so blessed to have this unbelievable experience in this thing called Nursing.

“I had a hard time breastfeeding the 1st week of when Chanel was born, I almost gave up but my family told me to hang for another week. They told me I don’t want to miss this special moment you have with your child. health wise and bond wise.

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“I hung in there and now almost 4 years later Chanel still wants the boob. Its more of a comfort thing now and of course she eats regular but nap time and night time are our time and I'm lucky she hasn't grown out it yet because when that moment comes I will be so sad.. .its the best feeling and ALL mothers that nurse know.”

Ice-T, 61, married model Austin in January 2002 and the couple announced in November 2015 that they had welcomed Chanel.