Iconoclast artist, a great contribution and endeavoured with different skill, Arun Ugrejia

Arun Ugrejia, born & brought up in Mumbai, is an iconoclast artist and also studied, learned and worshipped it in many arts. He is very inquisitive and always keep a keen desire and interest to learn in many arts from his childhood. He has a very soothing and peaceful nature. His father, Mr. Bhav Singh Ugrejia, was also a proficient sculptor and singer. Under his father influence, Arun was trained and learned the art of making sculpture and music. He did lot of work hard in his life and after that he made his reputed name and achieved his success. He has not only worked in arts, but also he has developed a relationship in social service, where he supports people to enable them to live a happy life as possible. Prior from this, he is very spiritual and devotional person and by adding this feature, he has also given his great contribution for the foundation and establishment of many temples, where he resides in Mumbai. By virtue of his versatile talent, he has endeavoured in writing, acting and also in singing and now gathering the work in this field. He is also a specialized and appropriate knowledge about the antique things because it is an object that represents a previous era or time period in human society and also engaged in Antique business.