Idina Menzel Birthday: From Rent to Frozen, Naming 5 Of Her Best Performances

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Idina Menzel, the popular American actress celebrates her birthday on May 30. Known for being a talented actress and an equally brilliant voiceover artist, Idina's career spans over many territories. Hence, while we discuss her filmography, there is also the inclusion of animated movies where she has lent her voice to a character. Speaking of which, as Idina gets ready to celebrate her birthday this year, we take a look at five of her best releases. Idina Menzel Birthday Feature: Slaying the Red Carpet Comes Naturally to Her (View Pics).

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A superhit of 2000, Glee certainly finds a place in Idina's best outings. It's a comedy, musical and also has some amount of drama to it. It's a beautiful blend of everything that's good and entertaining.

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A cinematic adaptation of her Broadway play, Rent saw Menzel reprising her role as Maureen, the ex-girlfriend of Mark and current girlfriend of Joanne. This Broadway musical was a big hit and also a stepping stone for Menzel in her entertainment career. Seeing her reprise her role on the big screen was truly magical.


Though a voiceover, Idina was as brilliant as an actress here. She gave her voiceover for Elsa and soon became a favourite with the masses. The movie was the highest grosser of 2013 and was extremely popular with kids and adults alike. Frozen 2 Movie Review: Idina Menzel And Kristen Bell Bring Back The Cute Camaraderie Of Sisters In This Mystical Sequel.


Menzel in here played the role of Nancy Tremaine, Robert Philip's girlfriend. But when he meets Giselle, sparks fly between the duo and their attraction is evident. While Nancy is initially jealous, she decides to let go off him believing that he's not meant to be hers.

Uncut Gems

This is not your usual Adam Sandler movie! Uncut Gems was truly one of the best releases of 2019 but didn't receive any acclaim from the Academy. Idina plays the role of Sandler's character's wife who's tired of his excuses and gambling. She shines in all her scenes and manages to rub shoulders with a performer that Sandler is.

Happy Birthday, Idina Menzel!