IIFA Awards 2017 review: Karan Johar – Saif Ali Khan’s bad comic timing, shoddy editing and cringe worthy green carpet moments made this show a dull dud

Aarti Iyengar
In all honesty, IIFA Awards this year seemed more like a promotional event for Colors channel and all the brands who tied up with the event. IIFA like other popular Bollywood awards was pretty much sold out.

In all honesty, IIFA Awards this year seemed more like a promotional event for Colors channel and all the brands who tied up with the event. IIFA like other popular Bollywood awards was pretty much sold out. The nominations itself spoke volumes yet we remained mum just so we could give them the benefit of the doubt. However, having watched the show now, it wouldn’t be wrong to call it the best and worst promotional event. Best because tapping a huge market of Bollywood enthusiasts not just in India but in US and Canada also, is not a piece of cake. Must say, full points to the marketing team for projecting such a fine skills and roping in audience. But worst because they seemed to have erased the line between subtle and blatant promotions.

What’s Hot?
We finally saw some commendable and heart thumping acts by B-town stars, who seemed to have taken their acts seriously. It seemed like the actors really put in a lot of effort to make sure the audience and fans were entertained. Hats off to that! Salman Khan unleashed his swag and did a lot of dancing. The awards itself was were very predictable so the anticipation of these stellar performances is what kept us going. And lucky us, our hopes didn’t go down the drain. If organizers want to make an award show successful, they should definitely ask the Dream Team Tour (Alia Bhatt, Varum Dhawan and Katrina Kaif) to come on board. They delivered quite a few spectacular acts that was thoroughly entertaining.

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What’s Not?
Okay this is going to be a long one… Firstly, the entire show seemed scripted for Karan Johar (and I’m guessing by him too). Remember earlier when we mentioned about brand promotions? Well, one of the brands involved was the filmmaker himself. Already we’re tired of seeing him hosting on every damn TV show and awards. They certainly could’ve done better. KJo literally walked all over Saif Ali Khan trying to hog more attention. But to be fair, the pair itself was a wrong choice by the organisers. To this date, it is Saif and Shah Rukh Khan who make an awesome duo on stage. They’ve had a kickass chemistry, crazy humour and boy did they make us laugh! So coming back to the hosting bit of IIFA Awards, Karan certainly made us cringe with his dull humour, while Saif tried hard to be funny.

Our next concern was the innumerable brand promotions that ceased to end. Now we’ve seen Emcees in fests announce their sponsors every once in a while. Watching Karan and Saif do that not just for the sponsors but for the Colors channel as well, wasn’t cool. They could’ve done it subtly but no, it was all too loud and annoying. They even squished promotional bits while giving an award. For every award that was presented, along with a celebrity came an MD or CEO of a brand, obviously associated with IIFA. It was sort of a letdown watching both the hosts bug us with announcements that weren’t necessary in the first place.

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Now for the editing part. Considering how it was a live event which was aired 12 hours from when it commenced in NYC, we expected better editing. But we were in for major disappointment. This was the most shoddy job done EVER! Speeches were cut short abruptly, in fact, at one point in time during the show we felt Katrina Kaif was omnipresent. We’re not kidding, Katrina was announcing winner for the Best Actor category on stage and was also sitting next to Shahid Kapoor at the same time. Could the editors have been more careless? Now we’ve seen live award shows happen in Hollywood. Yes, it’s live. Yet somehow you can’t tell if they’ve chopped off something because of how smartly they have edited it. If the Colors channel was doing so much PR for itself (on IIFA, at least), they could have spent some extra bucks and got editors on board, who actually knew how the job is done well.

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Finally, the red carpet. Oh sorry, green carpet. Well, we can tell one thing about what the green carpet did to us. It made us want to barf at the atrocities in the name of fashion that traipsed on it! The green carpet suddenly wasn’t the best place for fashion anymore.

BL Verdict –

The show was literally all about Karan Johar and Colors channel! Oh yes, the celebs were just there while most of the attention was hounded by KJo and upcoming shows of the channel. *Facepalm* Poor Saif, despite a good comic timing, fell prey to bad script, lack of attention and unwanted promotional gimmicks for the organizers. Right after IIFA came to an end, the channel aired a half an hour special of what to expect at IIFA Rocks. The hosts being Riteish Deshmukh and Manish Paul, did a far better job than Saif and KJo. The fashion was out of the world (and we so hoped it would’ve been, literally!). Now we can’t wait for IIFA Rocks because we know for a fact that it’s going to be much better than what the actual awards show had to offer.

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