I'm dreaming up new dreams: Katy Perry on work-life balance

Shubha Dubey

Mumbai, Nov 12 (PTI) Ever since Katy Perry broke out in the music scene, her life has been a 'whirlwind' and the pop star on Tuesday said she now wants to enjoy life after years of 'making a living'.

Perry, known for her chartbusters 'Roar', 'I Kissed a Girl', 'Hot N Cold', said her future goals are to do live shows where she can spend more quality time with her fans.

'For me, after doing 11-12 years of back-to-back music, four records and four world tours, I definitely have to strike a work life balance. I have really dreamt some of my dreams. I'm dreaming up new dreams and enjoying living after making a living,' Perry told reporters.

'I don't want to always be just going, stressing out and hit the marker. Then look back and go, 'Where's my life?'' she added.

Perry, who is engaged to Hollywood actor Orlando Bloom, said she wants to spend time with her family, explore world and be more 'present' rather than be on the move.

'It's not a matter of slowing down but a matter of trying to consciously be more present and really soaking in because it has been such an incredible whirlwind from 2008 till now but some of it is 'I can't even believe it happened'.' The 35-year-old singer will perform in Mumbai on November 16 as part of the OnePlus Music Festival.

Perry, who recently released three tracks, said as an artiste, she's trying to adapt to the current trend in music where songs are consumed as singles and not an entire album.

'As music is changing and we are digesting it in a different way, it's more fun to put out a song and a video every few months and selfishly that's what artistes love. They don't want their songs to get lost in an album. Only the super fans know all of the songs in an album but not everyone. Sometimes they only know the singles.

'Since streaming is such a powerful tool and a different format than when I started in 2008, we are kind of slowly adapting and going with the flow. Just putting things out like appetisers, that's how people are ingesting music these days. I'm having fun because it gives me a chance to highlight every single song,' she added. PTI JUR SHDSHD