Impact of COVID on the film industry | Komal Nahta & Karan Taurani to ET Now

Amid COVID Second Wave, Zee has bought theatrical, satellite and digital rights for Salman Khan’s ‘Radhe’ for Rs 230 cr. The company plans Cinema & Digital (pay per view) release on 13th May2021. Analysts expect some more small/medium budget films, too, to hit the direct OTT route. They are of the view that multiplexes will not favour a simultaneous release and exclusive single screen release might not augur well. Does this mean it the end of big ticket theatrical releases? Is it feasible for OTT platforms to spend money on movie releases versus shows that can be binge watched? How has the landscape changed for movie releases with OTT now the sole option? Komal Nahta, Film Trade Analyst and Karan Taurani, VP - Research Analyst, Elara Capital share their views on The Market. Watch.