Important to do good theatre: Dr Shriram Lagoo

This inspiring video of theatre thespian Dr Shriram Lagoo, who passed away yesterday at the age of 92, is a must-watch for the lovers of the stage. While speaking to actor Tabassum as part of Tabassum Talkies, Lagoo, who was an ENT surgeon by profession, shared his idea of theatre. "I don't believe in artificial divisions of theatre. I don't believe that experimental theatre is different or commercial theatre is different. I only think that theatre is either good or bad. That also applies to films. Even commercial theatre that earns better has good and bad theatre. I have done both but I always saw my work in theatre as good or bad. If it wasn't commercially viable, I would have gone for a small hall instead of a big one. But it is important to do it because I believe it is good theatre," he said.

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The Marathi actor further added that he realised his love for theatre when he couldn't take out time to do it. "I don't know the theatre audience would miss me or not. I know for sure that I miss theatre. At one point, I got so busy in films that I couldn't take out time for theatre. I realised one should keep doing theatre. It is important," he added.