Imtiaz Khan's Wife Krutika Desai: 'Our Daughter Ran To Call The Doctor Back, But We Failed To Revive Him'-EXCLUSIVE

Imtiaz Khan ( Yaadon Ki Baaraat, Dharmatma,  Dayavaan), brother of Amjad Khan, passed away on March 17. The family is in mourning and we stand by his wife-actress Krutika Desai and their 25-year old daughter Ayesha. We had a brief talk with Krutika and learned that Imtiaz was hale and hearty until just a day before he passed away.  "He complained of breathlessness on March 16 but it settled down," says Krutika. 

The next day Imtiaz and Krutika had a few guests.  Around 4 30 pm,  Imtiaz excused himself and decided to take a bit of rest. "He said he felt his blood pressure was low and we decided to call the doctor. "


While the doctor checked him,  he complained of sharp pain in shoulders. Krutika says,  "His threshold of bearing pain was very high,  it must have been paining too much that he had to talk about it."

The blood pressure was low and the doctor  left after giving him a prescription or two. Krutika went to see off the doctor till the door. She came back to see Imtiaz sitting on the edge of the bed and he told her, 'Kuku, I am going.' He lay down and it was all over. 


"The doctor returned when Ayesha ran out to call him back but we failed to revive him, " says Kritika.

A few ceremonies are happening at Krutika's home and a few at Amjad Khan's residence.

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