Independence Day 2019: 5 weekend getaways from Bengaluru

Ditch Nandi Hills for one of these cool getaways this Independence Day weekend.

Planning well is key to a great vacation and Independence Day week provides a great option to do just that. So you can see August 15 as a mid-week break from work or you can see it as an opportunity to take off for a 10-day holiday. The moment you start seeing it as the latter, you’ll likely realise that your ‘weekend getaway’ needn’t be restricted to locations within the 200 km radius. And here are your options.

1. Kerala

Oarsmen row their boat during the 59th Nehru trophy boat race in Alleppey, located in the southern Indian state of Kerala August 13, 2011. REUTERS/Sivaram V (INDIA - Tags: ANNIVERSARY SOCIETY)

We can’t be more excited about visiting Kerala, especially this time of the year. For most part, August is a terrible month to travel anywhere in Asia. It’s raining in most parts or its just humid. But Kerala seems to come alive. This is when the boat races happen and the entire state turns greener than it already is. It’s never too difficult to fall in love with Kerala; it’s even easier in the monsoons. And yes, return flight tickets to Kerala start at as little as Rs 5300.

2. Goa

Beautiful Goa province beach in India with fishing boats and stones in the sea

We’ve made a case for Goa several times in the past so you don’t really want us to go on about it again. There was a time when Goa used to return to its sleepy self in the monsoons but not anymore. And sure while there aren’t any beach ragers this time of the year, the remaining parties continue into the night. Return flight tickets to Goa start at Rs 7,000.

3. Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka (Photograph: Abhishek Mande Bhot/

Starting August 1, Sri Lankan Tourism is offering a one-month free visa to encourage tourism on the island after the Easter Sunday blasts. We’ve been saying this for a while, the best way to help a country in crisis is by visiting it. And if it’s a country as beautiful as Sri Lanka, that’s really all the reason you need. Return flight tickets to Colombo start at Rs 16,500.

4. Turkey

Turkey (Photograph: Abhishek Mande Bhot/

A-ha! You weren’t expecting this, were you? We cannot stop talking about Turkey ever since we visited it last year. The thriving city of Istanbul, the ruins of Ephesus, the landscape of Cappadocia and the pools of Pamukkale – there is so much to see and do in Turkey. All you need is to send in that leave application for a week off, stat!

5. Coorg


Not feeling up to taking an expensive flight to another country, fret not, you always have Coorg. Hugged by the Western Ghats Coorg has everything you need from a vacation. Lots of quiet, acres of coffee plantations and beautiful homes that are now on Airbnb. Drive up to Coorg, turn off your car engine and leave your worries behind.